Vestige Voice: Altman’s Trucking LLC

Johnny Altman, the owner of Altman’s Trucking LLC, has high standards for protecting his company and employees. In the trucking industry, companies have to value their employees’ safety and the safety of the goods they are transporting. Altman’s Trucking has been the victim of multiple fraudulent claim attempts. Even when a claim is false, it … Read more

Vestige Voice: The Many Benefits of GPS Tracking

In the county of Surry, North Carolina, the government vehicle fleets are monitored with the Vestige fleet GPS tracking solution. This large fleet of county vehicles uses the Vestige technology to monitor for idle times to keep down fuel costs, and speeding alerts to reduce tickets. County of Surry, NC Partners Communication Services, Inc. is … Read more

Vestige at ESTRA’s show

Last week Michael Forbes, Solutions Partner for the Vestige Group, attended the Empire State Towing & Recovery Association’s show in Lake George, New York. This organization, known as ESTRA, has been committed to education, legislative advocacy, and network development since 1980. While the crowd was smaller than last year, attendance was still strong and the attendees … Read more

Vestige Voice: Customers Who Love Vestige’s Multi-Camera Solution

Weather Master Heating & Cooling is an HVAC company located in North Carolina. To protect their fleet of vehicles and improve their insurance, the company has the Vestige Multi-Camera Solution for each of their vehicles. After only 2 days of installations, one of the Weather Master trucks was involved in an accident that was caused … Read more

Insurance Benefits of a Dash Camera

When managing a fleet of vehicles, it is important to optimize the amount of money spent on maintenance, fuel, etc. Knowing where you are saving money and where you could improve some of your cost savings efforts is crucial in maintaining a long-term fleet. Of course, other areas could save you money that you might … Read more

Maintaining Control with a Trailer Tracking System

As the weather continues to get warmer and more consistent, job sites are opening up and the transportation industry is full steam ahead. For any company in the business of using trailers, whether it be to transport them across the country or to simply store something on a job site temporarily, it pays to know … Read more

Prove Your Case Against Slammers and Scammers

When an accident occurs, it can lead to a roundtable of pointing blame and arguing faults, especially if there isn’t an officer to mediate the situation. Beyond the physical vehicle damage, there can be psychological damage, bodily injury, and financial issues. For example, if one party doesn’t have insurance, that’s a problem. Or perhaps the … Read more

The Real Cost of Lost Tools

lost tools, tools left behind

Any successful company takes control of any issues that are within its power to remedy. From a late employee to a maintenance check on a fleet vehicle, proud companies are always solving problems and establishing preventative methods for the future. Protecting the company should be the top priority of every executive, but sometimes there are … Read more

Why Your Transit Company Needs a Smart Dashcam System with GPS Tracking

real time tracking, gps map, dash camera with gps tracking

A camera system wouldn’t be strong if it didn’t have practical features. The cameras are equipped with 4G LTE, which takes your real-time audio and video and uploads it to you immediately. The cloud storage system gives you storage from the previous 90 days of recording but allows you to download as much of the … Read more

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