Vestige Voice: Keeping Track With PERSA

The Catawba Indian Nation has the Vestige GPS solution and PERSA employee and personal tracking device. Chief Jeremy of the tribe uses the PERSA solution to keep track of the elders on the reservation in order to ensure their safety. “In case of an emergency, or if the elders simply need a ride somewhere, they press the button, and a member of the tribe is on the way to help.”

– Catawba Indian Nation


In the City of Charleston in South Carolina, the PERSA device is used in a very unique way. Some of the tracking devices are used to locate droppings by the horses on carriage rides. With the PERSA solution, the carriage drivers mark the horse dropping locations when nature calls. After the location is marked, another employee who follows behind the carriage stops and cleans it up, removing the location on the map. This has kept the city streets clean and beautiful.

– City of Charleston, SC

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