Boat Tracking and Marine Tracking GPS

Over the past few years, there has been a drastic increase in boat theft making the importance of marine tracking devices essential. With GPS tracking and monitoring systems from ArgoTrak Marine by Vestige, you can finally have peace of mind knowing that your boat is safe and secure. In general, such devices will give watercraft owners a way to protect their investment safely and effectively.

Additionally, with the right waterproof GPS onboard, you’ll be able to gain control of your boat anytime, anywhere. You can make the most of your time on the water, enjoy the journey and be confident that you’ll get to where you’re going, whenever and wherever you want.

When it comes to safety, every second on the water matters. If your rental boat is late, or worse, gets lost, you won’t have any idea of when it will arrive. A GPS service not only gives you a map of the vessel’s position but has the capability to predict its arrival time with pinpoint accuracy. This helps you make better decisions in the management of your boat’s loading and unloading equipment. Because boat and fleet tracking is easier, you’ll be able to deliver better service to your customers.

What Is Boat Tracking or Marine Tracking via GPS?

Marine GPS tracking allows you to accurately locate your boat, jet ski, or any marine vessels with real-time information. The system uses satellite signals to determine the positions of vessels, then broadcasts that information to a base station. It receives data from the external receiver and then relays it to your phone or other smart devices for display.

By using a maritime GPS like ArgoTrak Marine by Vestige, you can see your boat’s position on a map and track its movements and location at all times. The system also provides information about how fast the vessel is moving, geofencing of off limit areas, detailed voyage history, and buzzer on board for passenger notifications of bad weather or hazardous conditions. Marine GPS tracking has many applications in rental boating for both the consumer and owner of the boat.

Marine Tracking With GPS On Your Vessel

Buying a GPS for your boat is an investment you won’t regret. Fog, mechanical failure, and darkness can keep a boat out longer than expected, but with a GPS at hand, the odds of a safe return to port increase dramatically.

Enhanced Safety and Security in Marine Navigation

With enhanced accuracy and real-time monitoring, marine navigation systems deliver peace of mind to the operator and the vessel. However, if in case any unforeseen accident happens, a GPS gives data on the geographic coordinates of the vessel and enables fast rescue operations to save lives. It ensures that it is always possible to get a ship location — even in the very moment of distress.

Provides Incident Proof and Liability

GPS tracking systems are the best solution for keeping your business free of liability. It’s because it saves crucial information from your boat or fleets of vessels. For instance, if you get into an accident, you will be able to prove who is at fault. If any party denies an allegation, you can use the GPS data to retrieve the truth. That’s how useful ArgoTrak Marine by Vestige GPS is! It records movements and permits you to prove your case.

Vessel Insurance and Safety

With GPS tracking, you’ll see things happen in real-time. You’ll have event histories to show everywhere the vessel has been since it was installed. You’ll have proof that the vessel was operated within manufacturer specifications and industry norms. You’ll have every bit of information you need to recover your vessel or limit your liability if it is found to be stolen.

Alerts on Geofencing

Geofencing is an additional feature within our system that allows you to set a designated area where the boats should not go beyond. You can limit where your boat operates. Control zones allow you to detect when a location is breached, allowing you to act in the event of theft or serious damage. It also lets you know when your boat went out on your set parameters.

Save On Operational Costs with ArgoTrak Marine by Vestige

An effective way to reduce downtime is by using a GPS tracking system. By getting real-time alerts on the location of your crafts, you can respond more efficiently to customer queries about your vessel’s whereabouts. You can also minimize fuel consumption by allocating machines in optimal locations.

Besides, an ArgoTrak Marine by Vestige installed on your boat provides clues to its current location in case it goes missing. They make it easy for you to recover your boat should theft occur. This proves vital, especially when your boats are expensive, or carrying costly cargo. Moreover, if the company’s risk of loss and downtime due to inconveniences is reduced, it results in lower insurance costs.

Finally, when your vessel has GPS, it serves as an alert tool when it’s time for maintenance. This is a function of keeping track of the ship’s travel distance. This can be customized to automatically notify you when it’s time to take it for routine maintenance. This way, you don’t forget the routine maintenance requirement. Thus, minimizing the constant wear and tear on your machine.

How Do Boat Tracking Systems Work?

GPS systems play a vital role in marine navigation. They offer vital information about your asset location using satellite tracking which can be relayed to the authorities for assistance when necessary. Keeping track of your speed and destination, they help them know if there are any problems on board.

Our Argotrak Marine GPS by Vestige provides a valuable tool for the modern mariner. It can be hidden in many areas of the boat, so it won’t take away from its appearance. However, this will not affect the performance of the system. The system can even be installed while on the water.

The Core Features of the ArgoTrak Marine by Vestige GPS System

Real-time GPS Location

Our GPS tracking devices are available for all kinds of vessels and provides the most accurate location information possible. When boaters need emergency assistance, you’ll be able to quickly guide them back to shore using real-time data.

Geofence Tool

This enables you to set up areas that vessels are authorized to operate, as well as areas in which they are prohibited or should not enter. If the vessel maneuvers outside the designated area, you will be notified instantly.

Bilge Failure Warning

Our GPS tracker can alert you if your bilge is getting overfilled so that you can address any issues as soon as possible and minimize any damage.

Bad Weather Alerts

Weather notifications enabled on the app will help keep anyone safe since they can now receive updates about severe weather or small craft advisories and take necessary precautions.


With its self-tracking feature, this GPS monitoring system eliminates the need for manual activation. It continuously tracks location, speed, and other important data at intervals while the boat is on the water.

Smart Alerting System

The system is excellent at letting you know when your boat has been moved. If it is moved more than 400 meters (about 1300 feet) away from where it was originally, a text message is sent to your phone. You can customize the distance parameters to meet your needs.

Common Marine GPS System FAQs

The ArgoTrak Marine by Vestige is a GPS monitoring system that can be outfitted and installed on any ship type or marine vessel you need to safeguard. This system will perform all the fleet management functions and more of your navigation or communication, with the added benefit of monitoring your vessel from anywhere in the world via satellite.  


It doesn’t necessarily need data network signals to work because it relies on satellite signals. This makes it good for maritime vessels traveling far distances. You may need data coverage on your mobile device to receive notifications, but the device will continue recording everything and relay it back to users when they are back in their coverage area.

They are similar, but there is a difference in their main purpose. The key role of a GPS receiver is to use orbiting satellites for pinpoint location tracking. With the ArgoTrak Marine by Vestige UI, you will see your boat’s location on a Google map. A chart plotter has integrated GPS that overlays not only locational information onto a digital map but can be integrated with other marine electronics (such as autopilot and radar) to create a whole marine navigation system.

Our systems are built to outlast the toughest conditions and are tested for extreme temperatures, weather, vibrations, and other severe conditions.

You can use ArgoTrak Marine by Vestige for boats, jet skis or any any watercraft.
ArgoTrak Marine by Vestige’s web-based portal allows you to view vessels on any mobile device or computer. ArgoTrak Marine by Vestige also helps keep track of routine maintenance for critical systems, weather, bilge levels and internal battery levels. Alerts can be sent out for unauthorized use and/or when vessels enter restricted, unsafe, and undesirable areas.
ArgoTrak Marine by Vestige is built for the maritime industry including rental boat fleets, boat clubs, and towboat operators. Their user-friendly portal helps these companies optimize their day-to-day routines, enhance customer service, and improve safety.
ArgoTrak by Vestige GPS devices are easy to install and begin tracking once the vessel moves. Coordinates are given every 30-60 seconds when vessels are in motion.
Inshore devices are great for lakes, rivers and up to four miles offshore. Offshore devices will provide coordinates wherever a vessel may travel.
ArgoTrak Marine by Vestige provides ultimate peace of mind for boat users who always want to know where their vessels are.
Within 15 feet of the boat.

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