Fleet Multi-Cameras & GPS Tracking

Fleet GPS relays timely location updates and customized alerts. Capture a 360-degree view with our premium camera solutions and get the full story today.

What You Get

With Vestige fleet multi-cameras and GPS tracking, you will have access to powerful video telematic features that make fleet management efficient and protect your company from exaggerated or false claims. Our HD multi-camera setup captures crystal-clear views for videos and has 4G LTE remote livestream, giving you the power to record any event the vehicle encounters. 

You can install up to eight cameras on each vehicle, strategically placing them in key areas. This allows you to have a 360-degree full view. This captures the entire scene, recording everything from all sides. 

With our GPS tracking, you will be able to locate your vehicles in real-time, ensuring that your drivers are taking the best and fastest routes. We will also give you access to analytics that identify idling times, speeding, and unauthorized use of fleet vehicles. 

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Multi-Camera System for 360º Fleet Vision

Continual Recording When Parked

Get the whole story with Vestige View’s 360- degree multi-camera solution. See all sides of your fleet with HD vehicle cameras equipped with audio and 4G LTE remote livestream. Customize up to 8 interior and exterior cameras per vehicle where you need them most.

Driver Cam

Front-Facing Cam

Cargo Cam

Right Side Cam

Left Side Cam

Rear Cam

Driver Data

The Vestige View camera system is more than just a dash cam, it’s a robust fleet management platform that tracks historical GPS locations, routes, speed, harsh breaking, distracted driving, and other aspects of driver behavior.

False Claim Protection

If there’s ever an incident, simply look up the stored vehicle camera footage to understand who is at fault. Get the whole story with multiple camera angles and audio evidence to clear up any accident fraud and avoid increased insurance premiums.

Fleet Cameras Can Save You Money

Read more about how commercial vehicle cameras can help fleets save money by proving liability in an accident, improving training and education for vehicle and driver safety, and even saving on insurance provider expenses.

What is a Fleet Multi-Camera System?

A fleet camera system is a high-tech, multi-camera solution that covers all sides of your vehicle. Unlike a single dashboard camera, this system gives you the power of 360-degree visuals of your vehicle. You won’t just be able to monitor the front and rear sides of your fleets; with the additional cameras, all sides will be under constant surveillance. This could include dual-facing dash cameras facing the driver and auxiliary cameras that monitor passengers and cargo. 

To get access to the best fleet multi-cameras and GPS tracking, you can request a demo from Vestige. Our premium multi-camera solutions will give you access to popular options for fleet management that allows you to efficiently monitor and track your vehicles in real-time. Our HD fleet dash cam systems are equipped with audio recording and 4G LTE remote livestream, allowing you to see where exactly your vehicles are in real-time. 

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Fleet Multi-Cameras for Commercial Vehicles

Whether you have commercial trucks, public utility vans, cabs, rental cars, or any other type of vehicle convoy, getting efficient truck camera systems should be prioritized. You will be able to do this by leveraging technology-powered solutions like Vestige fleet multi-cameras and GPS tracking. This powerful fleet tracking solution will help you keep track of all the information you need, see what your drivers see, improve vehicle safety, and protect your company against false accident claims. 

Vestige Fleet Multi-Cameras & GPS Tracking Features

Vestige Fleet Multi-Cameras & GPS Tracking Features

With Vestige, you can install up to eight HD dash cams on each vehicle. The cameras will be placed all around the vehicle, including one monitoring the driver’s actions, giving you a full view of everything that is happening. 

Realtime dash cam streaming feature

Live Video Streaming

With our 4G LTE remote connection, you can access live high-quality video footage of everything the cameras capture. This integrated video solution lets you track performances easily and check for any unsafe driving behaviors that need improvement. 

Instant drive camera footage upload

Cloud-based Video Portal

All video recordings will be retrievable from the cloud for 90 days. You have easy access to video clips for a post-incident analysis, making performance tracking more streamlined. You can also access additional video evidence for an accident in the portal, allowing you to protect your business from liability claims with video proof. 

Automatic mobile phone alerts for dash cam system

Automatic Video Uploads and Alerts

Vestige allows you to create notifications for vehicle accidents and other harsh driving events. You can get alerts within minutes of an unsafe event. The event video file will be uploaded to the cloud right away, allowing you to watch it anytime you want with on-demand video retrieval. 

Benefits of a Multi-Camera System

With Vestige, you can have a top-quality multi-camera system equipped with GPS tracking capabilities. This brings a multitude of benefits to your company, allowing you to monitor risky behavior, avoid lawsuits, improve efficiency, and, most importantly, reduce costs. 

Here are some of the biggest benefits of getting fleet multi-cameras & GPS tracking from Vestige: 

Avoid False Claims

Vestige vehicle camera systems give you 360-degree fleet vision even when parked. This keeps your vehicles monitored anywhere they are. In case an unfortunate incident involving your fleet occurs, you will have video and audio evidence of what exactly happened. You will be able to determine whether your driver or another motorist is at fault. 

With our top-of-the-line premium multi-cameras placed strategically in key areas of your fleets, you can protect your business from the costs of false insurance claims. Since any accidents will be well-documented by our multi-camera setup, it will be easier to disprove any false claims. This helps you avoid legal disputes and ensure that your business won’t be liable to accidents your drivers did not cause. 

If you don’t equip your commercial fleets with Vestige multi-cameras & GPS tracking, you can fall victim to parties who refuse to admit their fault. You can also be victimized by scammers who crash vehicles on purpose to get monetary claims from companies. Without an efficient way to disprove those false claims, you will face lawsuits that could dry up company funds. 

Improved Vehicle Safety

With Vestige fleet multi-cameras & GPS tracking, your driver will be encouraged to remain alert and cautious every time they hit the road. They know that they are being monitored. Every action they take is recorded and can be reviewed by the fleet manager anytime for actionable insights. Additionally, in-cab alerts give your drivers the opportunity to adjust in the moment to avoid risky driving events and they will do their best to avoid reckless driving behavior. 

Promoting safe driving behavior is a key element in avoiding vehicular accidents that can damage your vehicle, injure your drivers, and impact the services of your mobile workforce. A fantastic way to implement this is by having a multi-camera setup that monitors your entire fleet. 

Better Customer Service

With Vestige fleet multi-cameras and GPS tracking, your drivers will avoid idling. You have the power to monitor your vehicle’s movement. You have complete visibility and can pinpoint where exactly they are and how long they have been stuck in a unique location. Since they are aware they are being monitored, they will become more productive, ensuring faster delivery of services. 

On top of that, by equipping your fleets with Vestige fleet camera systems and vehicle tracking, you can enable efficient routing. This allows you to determine whether your drivers follow the most efficient and safest routes. This will minimize fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear in the fleets. Moreover, location tracking will also eliminate unauthorized vehicle use as your drivers know that the management can determine that with real-time alerts. 

Both reduced idle time and efficient routing contribute to improving the quality of customer service your company provides. By keeping your drivers under consistent monitoring using Vestige fleet multi-cameras and GPS tracking, they will remain on their best behavior. With this, you will be able to minimize issues that can impact your productivity and identify risky driving behaviors that need corrections. 

Dash Cams for Fleet Management

When it comes to fleet management, you will need tools that can help you to do this task more easily and effectively to increase fleet efficiency. One of the best ways to minimize management challenges is by equipping your commercial fleet vehicles with Vestige’s top-grade multi-cameras and GPS tracking. This complete fleet management solution is packed with a variety of features that can optimize and improve managing your assets. 

Some of the most common issues when managing vehicles are difficulty in asset tracking, inefficient routing scheduling, and lack of solid evidence in case of an accident. With Vestige 360-degree multi-cameras and GPS tracking, you can eliminate all those issues. Our fleet dash cam solutions can make these tasks easier for your company. 

With our GPS tracking capabilities, you can easily track your vehicle location. On top of that, you will be able to identify if your drivers arrive on time at their destinations as well as if they took the best route to get to that location. 

By equipping your vehicles with cameras on all sides, you will have a 360-degree view of everything that is happening. This fleet safety program encourages your drivers to become more attentive to their responsibilities and avoid distracted driving behaviors that can negatively impact the delivery of your services. 

Protect Your Business with Fleet Multi-Cameras and GPS Tracking

Managing a fleet of vehicles is already a challenge. Don’t make it more difficult by not equipping your vehicles with a multi-camera system that has GPS tracking capabilities. The benefits of these camera solutions are not just limited to enhancing fleet management. Fleet multi-cameras and GPS tracking can also protect you from insurance companies with false claims and hefty lawsuits with dash cam footage and additional video evidence. 

To ensure that you maximize the benefits of this technology, make sure that you only work with a reliable and trusted provider. With Vestige, you will have access to premium camera solutions that offer next-level cost savings for fleets. From giving you a 360-degree view to tracking historical GPS locations and providing crucial video evidence, you will have all the features you need to improve fleet management efficiency and have peace of mind knowing you’re protecting your company. 

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