Fleet Multi-Cameras & GPS Tracking

Fleet GPS relays timely location updates and customized alerts. Capture a 360-degree view with our premium camera solutions and get the full story today.

Multi-Camera System for 360º Fleet Vision

Still Recording When Parked

Get the whole story with Vestige View’s multi-camera solution. See all sides of your fleet with HD vehicle cameras equipped with audio and 4G LTE remote livestream.  Customize up to 8 cameras per vehicle where you need them most.

Driver Cam

Front-Facing Cam

Cargo Cam

Right Side Cam

Left Side Cam

Rear Cam

Driver Data

The Vestige View camera system is more than just a dash cam for fleets, it’s a robust data platform that tracks historical GPS locations, routes, speed, harsh breaking, and other aspects of driver behavior. 

False Claim Protection

If there’s ever an incident, simply look up the stored vehicle camera footage to understand who is at fault. Get the whole story with multiple camera angles and audio evidence to clear up any accident fraud.

Fleet Cameras Can Save You Money

Read more about how commercial vehicle cameras can help fleets save money by proving liability in an accident, improving training and driver education, and even saving on insurance expenses.

Learn more about the Vestige Camera System

Find out more about our camera system and how our customers have utilized our smart camera solution to improve their fleets.

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