Fleet AI Cameras & Tracking

AI-powered dash cams and a user-friendly platform for real-time monitoring and historical trip details, like vehicle tracking, geo-fence, video-based auto-uploads event footage, and much more.

The Facts About Distracted Driving

Fatalities per day caused by a distracted driver in the US
Million crashes per year due to cellphone usage while driving in the US
0 %
of accidents happen when texting or emailing while driving in the US

Distracted Driving:

Detects and Prevents Dangerous Driving Behaviors

Following Too Closely

Lane Departure Warning

One-Touch Panic Button

Crash Detection

Fleet Dash Cameras Can Save You Money

Read more about how commercial vehicle cameras can give fleet managers peace of mind by saving money by proving liability in an accident, instill safe driving habits by improving training and driver education, and even saving on insurance premiums.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Dashcam

When it comes to fleet management platforms, you’ll need much more advanced tools than those used by the average vehicle owner. Vestige offers a top-of-the-line fleet camera system with AI dash cams designed for companies operating a fleet of vehicles.

With Vestige, each of your vehicles can be equipped with AI capabilities on the road for object detection and driver monitor cameras for control of fleet safety. These cameras can record in high definition, allowing you to have a clear view of what’s happening in the video and real-time. Additionally, our system provides 4G LTE connectivity on mobile networks, enabling you to access any vehicle’s system for on-demand video footage. This offers you scene analysis and airtight evidence to protect your company from exaggerated or false claims in the case of an accident. 

Learn more about the top-of-the-line features you can access with Vestige’s multi camera AI dashcam system when you request a demo today. 

What Is a Multi Camera AI Dashcam?

A multi-camera AI dash cam system is an enterprise-level, complete fleet management solution, that can give your vehicles all-around security and protection. Unlike traditional dashcams that you can find on most vehicles, a multi-camera AI dash cam is packed with special features that can help you work and manage a fleet of professional vehicles with ease. 

If you want to experience all the benefits of integrating a multi-camera AI system into your fleet, get in touch with our experts at Vestige. As a trusted fleet dash cam and tracking solutions company, you can rest assured that our multi camera AI dash cam systems will simplify the process of monitoring and managing your vehicles for modern fleet safety. 

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What Makes Vestige’s Multi Camera AI Dashcam Systems the Best?

Vestige’s multi-camera dash cam solutions offer a wide array of additional features that you can use to upgrade the standards of your fleet management. With all the features packed into our powerful system, not only will you be able to constantly monitor your fleet you’ll also be able to implement proactive measures that can improve your company’s efficiency and reduce your biggest fleet costs. 

Check out some of our system’s special features below: 

High-definition Cameras

Vestige’s multi-camera dashcam systems consist of high-definition cameras strategically placed in key locations around your vehicle, giving you the best viewing angles for a complete 360-degree perspective. There is also a camera inside that monitors the driver’s behavior so you can have a firm basis for driver training and complete information if something goes wrong.

GPS Tracking

With Vestige’s high-standard built-in GPS tracking, you’ll be able to track your vehicles’ locations in real-time. This allows you to detect whether they are stuck in a specific location for a long time, allowing you to provide support as needed. Plus, Vestige’s GPS tracking features can easily detect unauthorized use of vehicles.

Automatic Alert and Video Uploads

With Vestige, you can get instant notifications if a vehicle is caught in an accident, or a driver shows signs of risky behavior. Audible in-cab alerts to drivers of distracted driving detection can change behaviors within minutes to hopefully avoid harsh driving events. These incidents automatically upload the video clip to the cloud, allowing you to review it and use it as evidence if another driver was at fault, if necessary.

Cloud-Based Video Portal

As we’ve just mentioned, when you work with Vestige, you will also gain access to our cloud. All dash cam footage recorded by our multi-camera systems will be stored in the cloud for analysis for 90 days. This gives you adequate time to review dash cam video footage when necessary and easily access any video evidence that you need for liability claims.

Why Would I Need a Multi-Camera AI Dashcam?

Vestige’s high-grade multi-camera systems are compatible no matter what type of vehicle you own. Whether you have semi-trucks, tow trucks, non-emergency medical transit vehicles, buses, public utility vans, rental cars, or other vehicle fleets, you can trust us to provide you with a powerful integrated video solution that can help your business in more ways than you can imagine. 

When you install a fleet dashcam system from Vestige, you’ll benefit from the following: 

Reduced Risk of Fraud

With Vestige’s multi-camera AI dashcam systems, you will have constant 360-degree monitoring of all your vehicles. You’ll have a reliable system that constantly records everything that happens outside and inside the vehicles. 

This asset tracking solution can protect you from scammers who purposefully crash their vehicles into fleets owned by companies to receive financial compensation. They usually do this by deliberately braking in front of fleet vehicles to cause an accident. Without a high-quality multi-camera system, you may lack the evidence to prove your driver innocent and fall victim to this scheme. 

With Vestige’s 360-degree vehicle monitoring, you will have solid HD video footage and evidence of everything that happens before, during, and after an accident. This makes it easier to disprove any false claims. With this evidence, authorities can easily determine which party is truly responsible for the incident. 

Improved Vehicle and Driver Safety

Did you know that about 3,000 lives are lost every year due to motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers? It’s an alarming number, but you can prevent distracted driving in your organization when you integrate Vestige’s multi-camera dashcam systems into your vehicles for fleet safety. 

With our system, one camera will be directly aimed at your driver. This gives you a constant view of them every time they hit the road, encouraging them to remain alert and cautious at all times. 

Our AI system can detect distracted driving with real-time alerts. If your driver has shown signs of it, you will be notified at once. This allows you to instantly coach drivers and promote better driving habits. You can avoid accidents, keep drivers safe, protect vehicles from damage, and ensure uninterrupted productivity by eliminating the risks of reckless driving behavior. 

Reduced Idle Time and Optimized Routing

Efficiency is critical to business success. Vestige’s GPS tracking and live HD footage streaming capabilities let you keep a close eye on every driver. Just as this helps to curb reckless driving, a multi-camera dashcam system will also encourage them to keep up their productivity. This reduces idle times and ensures on-time delivery of products and services. 

You can cut problems like this by integrating Vestige’s multi-camera dashcam systems into your fleet. Our systems give you the power to pinpoint exactly where your vehicles are and how long they have been stuck in that location. When you have access to this data, you can supply alternative routes to your drivers in real-time. The AI systems can also provide quick and safe alternative routes, preventing any significant delays in your operations. 

By reducing idle time and promoting efficient routing, you can reduce unnecessary costs and save big on company resources. 

Take Advantage of Multi Camera AI Dashcam

Dashcams have become massively popular, as they allow vehicle owners to keep a video recording of everything that happens while they are on the road. However, regular dashcams cannot meet the industry-level requirements of your fleet of vehicles. 

When you use Vestige’s multi-camera AI dashcams, as a fleet manager, you gain access to advanced features that can make fleet management simple and seamless. With our premium cameras, GPS tracking, and other top-notch features, you won’t just be able to get a 360-degree view of your vehicles you’ll also have the power to track historical GPS locations, supply solid high-definition video evidence in case of an accident, and eliminate any issues in your drivers’ productivity. 

Get access to the best multi-camera AI dashcam and fleet management systems for your vehicles.Request a demo today to learn more about our camera systems. 

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