Elevate Your Security with Vestige Body-Worn Cameras

With so many unknowns and potential sources of uncertainty, a reliable safety solution is crucial. Every day, situations arise, stories clash, and getting to the truth can be a real challenge. That’s where Vestige comes in with our high-tech body cameras — a game-changer for anyone looking to prioritize safety and transparency. Our all-in-one, cloud-based video management system, MyView, ensures you have a secure vault of truth at your fingertips.

Unmasking the Real Story

Conflicting stories surround every incident, but with MyView, our professional body camera solution, quality audio and video unveil the real story. Whether you’re a dedicated law enforcement professional, security personnel, service industry worker, or part of the public transit sector, Vestige has your back with key features that redefine safety.

Key Features

Full Shift
Battery Life

Keep recording without interruptions.

Durable &

Built to withstand the pressures of the field.

Secure Vault

Your footage is protected and accessible when needed.


Seamlessly manage your body-worn videos from anywhere.

Live Stream

Stay connected in real-time, ensuring an immediate response.

On the Frontline

Empowering Law Enforcement

In the chaos of emergency events, details can blur, and memories fade. Police department personnel and law enforcement officers are entrusted with maintaining order, and that’s why a reliable and effective body-worn camera program is a critical component of equipment for law enforcement issues. Vestige offers compact personal security cameras for law enforcement that stands firm under pressure, providing high-quality video footage, with night vision, to ensure the truth prevails in every situation.

  • Traffic stops: Document interactions during routine traffic stops, ensuring a record of events.
  • Arrest procedures: Capture the details of arrest operations, providing valuable video evidence.
  • Crowd control: Ensure safety during crowd control situations with a visual record of events.
  • Investigations: Aid investigative activities with a firsthand account of crime scenes and interviews.

Safety First

A Shield for Security Personnel

Private security guards, bouncers, and event staff navigate numerous challenges daily. From checking IDs to handling unruly guests, their work is demanding. Vestige body cameras act as silent witnesses, recording every last moment of action and storing it securely in the cloud, providing a layer of security for the personnel and serving as irrefutable evidence in case of disputes.

  • Event security: Document incidents during events, providing evidence for legal and security purposes.
  • Patrols: Record details of security patrols to ensure thorough coverage and incident documentation.
  • Access control: Enhance access control measures by recording individuals entering and exiting premises.
  • Use of force incidents: Provide an unbiased record of use of force incidents for accountability.

Proof of Service

Empowering Service Industry Workers

For lone service providers in fields like pest control, plumbing, electrical, and landscaping, the Vestige body camera serves as a testament to their work. Customers and managers often seek proof that services were executed correctly, and our body camera videos provide a comprehensive view of the job done. This device leaves no room for doubt, ensuring that your dedication is documented and recognized.

  • Pest control: Document pest control services for proof of completion and adherence to safety protocols.
  • Plumbing and electrical services: Capture service details, facilitating transparent client communication.
  • Landscaping: Showcase completed landscaping projects and provide evidence of services rendered.
  • Delivery services: Ensure the safety of delivery personnel and record interactions with customers.

Protecting The Public

A Guardian for Public Transit Workers

Public transit workers and those in the driving and delivery sector often face harassment and challenging situations. Vestige body cams are a deterrent, promoting polite behavior when individuals know they are being recorded. Essential workers can carry out their duties without fear with an extra layer of protection.

  • Driver safety: Enhance the safety of drivers by deterring potential threats through visible recording.
  • Passenger conduct: Record passenger behavior to ensure a safe and respectful environment.
  • Accident documentation: Provide crucial evidence in case of accidents, aiding investigations and insurance claims.

Benefits of Wearing Body Cameras

The benefits of a body-worn camera videos extend beyond mere documentation. The body worn camera plays a pivotal role in enhancing accountability, transparency, and overall security. Let’s delve into the extensive array of advantages that these small yet powerful devices bring to the forefront.

Enhanced Safety and Deterrence
Legal Protection and Documentation
Accountability and Trust Building
Training and Professional Development
  • Visible deterrent: The mere presence of body-worn cameras acts as a powerful deterrent. Individuals are less likely to engage in disruptive or aggressive behavior when they are aware that their actions are being recorded. This deterrent effect contributes significantly to the overall safety of the wearer and those they interact with.

  • Occupational safety: In high-risk professions such as law enforcement and security services, body cameras contribute to the protection of personnel. The awareness of being recorded can de-escalate potentially dangerous interactions between police officers and the public, reducing the risk of confrontations, civilian complaints, and violence.
    • Objective evidence: One of the primary benefits of body cameras is their ability to provide unbiased and factual evidence capture. In legal proceedings, having a visual and audio record of events can be crucial for establishing facts, resolving disputes, and ensuring justice prevails.
    • False accusation prevention: Body-worn cameras act as a safeguard against false accusations. The recorded footage serves as a reliable and impartial account of interactions, protecting individuals and organizations from baseless claims. Several conducted studies indicate that implementing body worn cameras leads to a decrease in unfounded complaints and lawsuits against police departments.
  • Enhanced investigations: The recorded footage becomes a valuable investigative tool for law enforcement agencies, providing a firsthand account of incidents, aiding in the reconstruction of events, and helping authorities make informed decisions.
  • Professional accountability: A body-worn camera fosters a culture of accountability among individuals in various professions. Knowing that their actions are being recorded encourages responsible behavior, adherence to protocols, and overall professionalism.
  • Public trust: Authorities and the community must be able to trust one another in fields like law enforcement, and body cams help achieve this goal. The transparent documentation of interactions builds trust, displaying a commitment to accountability and ethical conduct.
  • Training tool: Body-worn cameras offer a unique perspective for training purposes. In law enforcement and security services, footage and audio capabilities can be used for scenario-based training, allowing personnel to learn from real-world situations and improve their response tactics.
  • Continuous improvement: By reviewing recorded interactions, organizations can identify areas for improvement in protocols, communication, and overall performance. This constant feedback loop contributes to the professional development of personnel.
Operational Efficiency and Compliance
Public Safety and Community Relations
Documentation of Critical Incidents
Employee Well-being and Confidence
  • Regulatory compliance: In many industries, the use of body-worn cameras aligns with regulatory requirements. This ensures that organizations adhere to industry standards and compliance, preventing legal complications and promoting a culture of responsible business practices.
  • Efficient incident resolution: The documentation provided by a personal security camera expedites incident resolution. Having a precise and transparent record of events helps to resolve conflicts more quickly and with greater accuracy, cutting down on the time spent investigating.
  • Visible transparency: Transparency is crucial for security services and law enforcement. Body cameras offer a visible means of achieving transparency, reassuring the public that interactions are being recorded and that accountability is a top priority.
  • Positive community relations: The use of body-worn cameras can contribute to improved community relations. Law enforcement agencies can build positive relationships with the communities they serve by highlighting a commitment to transparency and accountability.
  • Forensic value: Body-worn camera footage has significant forensic value. In critical incidents such as accidents or crimes, the recorded material provides a detailed and time-stamped account of events, aiding investigators and ensuring a more accurate reconstruction.
  • Incident reconstruction: The ability to reconstruct incidents from the wearer’s perspective enhances the accuracy of investigations. This is particularly valuable in situations where multiple perspectives need to be considered and false complaints are a possibility.
  • Sense of security: For personnel in high-stress professions, wearing body cameras contributes to a sense of security. Knowing their actions are being recorded provides protection and can alleviate concerns about false accusations.
  • Confidence booster: The confidence from wearing body cameras positively impacts job satisfaction. When workers have access to a technology that objectively records their interactions and behaviors, they develop security in their roles.
Body Worn Cameras Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Vestige body cameras are designed for user-friendliness. Users can focus on tasks without technical hindrances with intuitive controls and easy setup.

The footage is securely stored in a cloud-based video management system. This ensures not only easy accessibility but also the implementation of robust security measures to protect your data.

Vestige body cameras boast a full shift battery life, ensuring continuous recording and audio capabilities throughout an entire work shift without frequent recharging.

Yes, the cameras are equipped with live-stream functionality, which allows real-time access to the camera footage, enabling swift emergency response.

Absolutely. Vestige body cameras have a rugged design, meant to be durable and waterproof, ensuring functionality in various weather conditions and challenging environments.

The visible presence of officers with body cameras acts as a deterrent, discouraging potential threats and promoting a safer environment. In situations where video and audio recording are necessary, individuals are more likely to behave responsibly.

Vestige body cameras are designed to respect privacy rights and are used under legal and ethical standards, ensuring that recording is done in situations where it is lawful and necessary.

Ready To Experience Next-Gen Safety Solutions?

In a world filled with uncertainties, Vestige body cameras emerge as the perfect security solution. Whether you’re on the frontline, ensuring public safety, or providing vital services to the community, our technology empowers you with clearer evidence of the truth. Embrace the future of security choose Vestige, where transparency meets innovation.

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