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As an employer, you are responsible for the personal safety of everyone on your team, particularly security personnel. After all, lone workers out in the field, home health caretakers, private security, and other such professionals experience more threatening situations than other workforce members.

At Vestige, we now offer a pocket-size tracking device that can act as a wearable panic button. Allow us to share what makes it a worthy investment for modern organizations.

Employee Safety

Employee safety means providing your workforce with procedures and equipment to achieve a secure environment. With the ideal tools at their disposal, they can perform their tasks well without fearing for their well-being.

It’s also worth noting that a lack of workplace safety policies may lead to devastating legal and financial repercussions. For this reason, we recommend enhancing your efforts with the right devices.

One of the growing industry trends is using employee safety devices (ESDs). The term refers to wearable badges, gadgets, services, or apps that allow team members to communicate with employers and emergency services 24/7/365. Today, many of these tools offer a wearable panic button summoning implements designed to alert relevant parties in their safety network when there are threats to persons or properties.

Below are situations where employees can use their mobile panic button/personal safety devices:

Grave Injuries

Solitary security personnel may face falls, trips, and collisions while performing their daily tasks. A wearable panic button lets them call for help quickly - a life-saving feature if they find themselves immobile due to a medical emergency.

Difficult Patrons

Sometimes, reception staff encounter people with a sense of entitlement, especially during busy events or in high-traffic locations. No matter the difficult situation, it's best to help employees avoid confrontation at all costs.

Guests or Clients Who Need Help

When a person becomes ill or a threat to themselves and/or others, a panic button can come in handy. Such situations may include potential injury or risk of violence, those overdosing, or someone brandishing a weapon.

Working Alone

Sometimes, security personnel work in isolated areas or meet with strangers. In such cases, wearable devices are a great way to bring attention to unsafe situations.

Benefits of Using Employee Safety Devices

Federal and local laws continue to champion employee safety, with added calls for panic buttons for safety teams. Unfortunately, for many corporations, ESDs still take a back seat during budget allocations.

If you’re serious about taking your company to the next level by building a culture of safety, we recommend investing in ESDs. Below are some advantages of providing your team with such gadgets. 

Enhance Productivity

Security experts have their work cut out for them. They defend, guide, and help people in need. With them around, guests can enjoy peace of mind knowing such professionals protect them from threats. 

For this reason, their productivity matters. Nothing can keep them as motivated as providing them with the tools they need to succeed. As they face potentially dangerous situations, ESDs with panic buttons can be the ultimate game-changer for their reliable protection. 

Improve Employee Retention

Security work is no walk in the park. These professionals must deal with violence, weapons, and harassment daily. If you don’t find ways to protect their personal safety, they won’t hesitate to leave you for a company that will. 

The best way to attract new professionals and encourage loyalty among existing ones is to show them that you care about them. Investing in ESDs would be a massive leap toward this goal. 

Observe Compliance

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers have a responsibility of safety for their workers within a professional environment. This process involves setting rules, examining conditions, and equipping individuals with personal safety tools. 

Naturally, using ESDs requires training in a language and vocabulary the workforce understands. You may call OSHA directly at 1-800-321-OSHA (6742) for more safety concerns in a security setting.

Minimize Costs

Security companies often experience high-profile risks, especially when overseeing large or remote areas. Often, professionals are responsible for working alone or in unsecure or remote locations with variable emergency contacts. 

If you fail to provide your team with the tools they need to perform their tasks, you may be subject to legal repercussions. For this reason, we suggest investing into staff safety with ESDs. Doing so is a financial win-win situation for any organization.

Boost Authority

A reputable security company should have what it takes to protect its stakeholders and not just its clients. Think about it: Who would trust an agency that does not have the knowledge, gadgets, and technologies to keep its employees out of harm’s way? 

Security companies should earn other organizations’ business by proving they can support internal and external safety. If you want to keep your clients, you should walk the talk.

Employees are never alone with PERSA

Designed to be accessible any time you need it, PERSA is a wearable safety device and tracker complete with our software platform to ensure all remote or lone workers are safe 24/7.

The Vestige Advantage

Now that you’ve learned more about ESDs, it’s time to discover the Vestige advantage. We’ve created PERSA, a pocket-sized tracking device with built-in safety features. With this gadget on your side, no security professional will ever be truly alone. 

The technology allows accessibility whenever you need it, ensuring your team is safe anytime, anywhere.

Below are some features that make it stand out against other ESDs.

Wearable Panic Button

Employees in duress can send silent alarms with a thumb-sized activation button. With a swift movement, they can alert authorities and forward accurate location notifications and precise location details.

Maximum Visibility

Our PERSA technology offers an enterprise-grade GPS (Global Positioning System) tracker with real-time data. This feature finds a person’s exact location.


The Vestige pocket-sized device comes with a lanyard. This allows users to wear them around necks, belts, or bags.


With PERSA on your side, you won’t have to worry about daily charging or the elements. These gadgets are compact, water-resistant tools that can last up to two weeks on a full charge.

Custom Notifications

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Let us know which geofence alert notifications you want, and our team can make it happen.

PERSA also offers a tiering system for all alerts. Naturally, the goal is to minimize the time it takes to reach authorities. We’ve designed a process to eliminate the need for employees to make phone calls for help and wait for an answer.

Instead, with the push of a button, users can send out duress alerts, from email to SMS to call center services.

Below are the alert levels you can forward:

Red Alert

An employee can send distress signals to request immediate assistance for a 911 call.

Yellow Alert

Users can report concerning situations to their team through text or email.

Regular check-in (Green code)

The system requires regular check-ins from professionals on duty.

Frequently Asked Questions

U.S. firms take safety and security seriously. According to Security Services, the industry has reached the $50.5 billion-dollar mark. If you want to stand out in a sea of competition, we recommend keeping up with the trends, including employee safety devices.

All workplaces should protect their employees from harm, especially security organizations. OSHA oversees policies on the matter, which you should follow to comply with the rules. Plus, if it’s your business to keep others safe, stakeholders expect you to do the same for your team.

Yes, the law requires panic buttons for specific industries, like hotels, retail, and property service contractors. However, more and more organizations have started using the same technology for their operations. To date, the security industry has been one of our fastest-growing customer sectors.

Different brands offer distinct features. Our ESDs at Vestige have a red-yellow-green coding system to indicate the level of urgency, red being immediate emergencies and green being compulsory check-ins.

Various manufacturers have different care instructions. At Vestige, our ESDs can last up to 14 days (about 2 weeks) after a full charge. This feature can save lives in dangerous situations.

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Are you ready to meet the security demands of modern organizations? An ESD is a cost-effective way to achieve your goals. 

Many people think it’s a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. With Vestige on your side, you can provide guards, bouncers, and event staff with a compact, water-resistant, advanced safety device that they can comfortably wear 24/7.

There’s no other device quite like it on the market. It’s the ideal step to achieving your safety goals for personnel in your company. Request a demo now.

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