How to Combat Driver-Facing Camera Push Back

Driver facing dash cameras are a tricky subject. Business owners know they can be a great benefit to the company, however they do not want to upset their drivers by invading their privacy. Here are some tips and tricks on how to combat driver-facing camera push back.

Be transparent.
Do not surprise your drivers. Let them know exactly when cameras will be installed and why.

Be prepared.
Drivers will often feel like you are invading their privacy and do not trust them once you let them know you are installing driver facing cameras. Many drivers have been in the industry for a while, and this change could feel invasive. Be prepared to take on these normal reactions.  

Tell your drivers about the good.
Trucks are often wrongly accused when road incidents happen. Let your drivers know driver-facing cameras give a complete picture of a road incident. It will show exactly what the driver was doing leading up to an incident. 
For example, your driver can be falsely accused of texting while driving. Driver facing cameras give you evidence that your drivers were not at fault. This protects your driver and your business.  

Coaching is key. 
Nobody is perfect. Driver-facing cameras allow you to give your drivers constructive criticism which will result in safer driving practices.  

Offer driver incentives. 
Base bonuses off of safe driving practices and let your drivers know you like what you see.

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