Is Your Organization Prioritizing Lone Worker Safety?

Fieldwork can be hazardous, particularly if done alone, in small groups, or in a distant area. On the other hand, workers in construction, safety, and security, as well as transportation and utility personnel, typically have a limited number of possibilities. Notwithstanding the dangers, the activities still need to be accomplished, and it is not always … Read more

Texting While Driving 2023

Despite being well aware of the many dangers associated with texting while driving, a shocking 39% of people still admitted to reading a text while behind the wheel. While the logic behind this decision – believing it will only take you a few seconds to scan a text – is understandable in theory, in reality, … Read more

How 360 Degree Fleet Telematics System Helps Prevent Trucking Accidents

The cost and overall impact of an accident will be disruptive for any trucking business. There are numerous types of collisions and accidents that can occur when trucks are on the road.  However, technology is paving the way for new solutions with preemptive measures that companies can take to prevent different types of accidents. Vestige … Read more

Hidden Costs Of Accidents For Your Fleet

For companies that operate fleets, the cost of accidents is significantly higher than insurance coverage. Data suggest that for every $1 firms receive from insurance companies, uninsured losses can be as high as $53. Each accident comes with multiple hidden costs for businesses that conventional underwriting doesn’t account for. That’s in addition to the basic … Read more

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