When managing a fleet of vehicles, it is important to optimize the amount of money spent on maintenance, fuel, etc. Knowing where you are saving money and where you could improve some of your cost savings efforts is crucial in maintaining a long-term fleet. Of course, other areas could save you money that you might not think of to begin with. The insurance benefits of a dashcam are one of these less talked about areas of potential savings. 

There is no way to guarantee immediate discounts on your insurance rates with a dashcam, but it is worth the time to talk to your insurance company. Every little bit of savings counts. Potential insurance benefits could come in a variety of ways. 

Lots of insurance companies already offer some sort of insurance discount for a safe driving record. Getting your fleet into one of these programs would provide a great way to reap the insurance benefits of a dashcam. Based on your willingness to provide every vehicle in your fleet with recorded camera footage, an insurance company may gravitate to the fact that you have video constantly going.

Additionally, simply proving that you went the extra mile and put a dashcam system into every single one of your fleet vehicles could warrant a significant discount on your payments as well. Sometimes companies will reduce rates if you have taken extra steps to increase the anti-theft ability of your vehicle. Anything you can do to convince your insurance company that you are going above and beyond the normal customer to protect your assets could convince them to give you certain benefits.

Depending on the type of fleet you manage, you might find yourself in a position to receive a discounted rate. If you are a NEMT, because you are providing a service to the public, your insurance company may be willing to give you a better rate. Even if you simply work with a municipality, these discounts are possible. 

Being in constant contact with your insurance provider will help more than anything. Developing a relationship where your insurance company trusts you and your fleet could increase your chances of gaining the insurance benefits of a dashcam.

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