Why Your Transit Company Needs a Smart Dashcam System with GPS Tracking

A camera system wouldn’t be strong if it didn’t have practical features. The cameras are equipped with 4G LTE, which takes your real-time audio and video and uploads it to you immediately. The cloud storage system gives you storage from the previous 90 days of recording but allows you to download as much of the recordings as you want.

Pairing the camera system with the GPS system offers GPS-specific features that can help you create data points and reports for internal use. Geofencing is a must-have feature. It lays out a boundary throughout your fleet’s operating area. If a vehicle crosses that boundary, an alert will be automatically sent so that you can figure out why the vehicle crossed a boundary it wasn’t supposed to. Half of all employees say that geofencing helps them become more efficient on a daily basis. (Intuit Geofencing study).

Real-time alerts pair perfectly with real-time audio and video. You will always be the first one to know something happened. As previously mentioned, geofencing is one type of real-time alert. Theft is another huge one. You can easily give access to police in order to help find the stolen vehicle. Also, the alerts are customizable, so you can figure out what alerts fit your business the best. 

According to the Insurance Information Institute:

About $6.4 billion was lost to motor vehicle theft in 2019. The average dollar loss per theft was $8,886. Motor vehicles were stolen at a rate of 219.9 per 100,000 people in 2019, down from 230.2 in 2018. In 2019, 721,885 vehicles were stolen, down 4.0 percent from 751,885 vehicles in 2018.

Theft is a larger problem that it is given credit for. Businesses that leave their vehicles in a designated fleet parking area after hours are especially vulnerable to theft.

The system shines when pairing the camera system with the GPS system to build robust reports for future use. For example, route planning makes an industry-changing upgrade to how you set up your fleet’s movements. If you see in a previously recorded video that a particular route has construction or dangerous roads, simply avoid them by rerouting vehicles around the danger zones. Geofencing can even be used in tandem with route planning if you need to put your foot down on the matter. Having route awareness can help maximize fuel efficiency, and you can adjust and build routes based on the data recorded. “Improved fuel economy for trucks could save consumers $4,600 over the lifetime of the vehicle”(Comparison of Fuel Efficiency Standards). If you take these savings for one vehicle and extrapolate them for an entire fleet, the savings add up to massive numbers worth looking into.

If the company was so inclined, it could even record and monitor the roads when bad weather occurs. By taking into account which routes flood in rain, which routes ice the quickest, etc. you could potentially avoid serious situations. 

According to the U.S Department of Transportation:

On average, there are over 5,891,000 vehicle crashes each year. Approximately 21% of these crashes – nearly 1,235,000 – are weather-related. On average, nearly 5,000 people are killed and over 418,000 people are injured in weather-related crashes each year.

The simple fact your employees know that you have installed a camera system with GPS can have a huge impact on their behavior without you saying anything. It will stop bad driver behavior because they know their vehicles are being monitored at all times.

Pairing the camera system with the GPS system can open a lot of positive doors for your company. It can use all the information from the recordings to create an endless amount of intricate and productive reports to take things to the next level in the future. Whether you are a massive fleet that runs coast to coast or a more modest business with a more local route, the combination of this camera and GPS system will upgrade your company and its services.

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