3 Key Signs You Need Telematics Fleet Management

The trucking industry is highly competitive. Frequent changes within the sector, coupled with external factors, mean that there are always fresh challenges to be faced. These challenges can often stand in the way of your plans to grow your business and expand your fleet. In the face of these challenges, having the right tools to assist your business is vital. With the right tools, you will be able to stay on track for continued success and business growth. 

Staying competitive is essential in the trucking industry. This requires you to keep your fleet running as efficiently as possible. Are you looking for ways to stay a step ahead of the competition and meet the challenges presented by the ever-changing trucking industry? If so, the right technology will help. Implementing a telematics fleet management solution offers many benefits. Here are just three of the reasons trucking companies are adopting fleet management systems to improve their business operations:

Your Current Systems are Time-Consuming and Unproductive

Every business needs to operate efficiently to be profitable and reach its full potential. As the trucking industry faces many constraints and an often unpredictable business climate operating an efficient business is even more crucial.

Introducing a system that allows you to replace your time-consuming manual processes provides an instant efficiency boost. By integrating your current processes into a single telematics platform, you will be able to simplify your operation. 

Making time-savings is invaluable when you operate a busy fleet. Seamless integration of your business’s critical systems into one platform will enable you to achieve this. Bringing together key business functions such as your customer relationship management system, timesheets, billing, and HR into one integrated platform is the ideal solution. Here are some of the main benefits that can be gained by implementing a data-secure, integrated platform for your business functions:

  • Third-party work order summaries
  • Monitoring of driver performance
  • Paperless timesheets
  • Paperless notifications
  • Drivers assigned to jobs directly

You are Struggling to Retain Drivers and Attract New Recruits

Right now, the industry is in the middle of a nationwide driver shortage. Unfortunately, this shortage does not look like it will be resolved anytime soon. This situation makes it crucial for businesses to do all that they can to retain their best drivers while trying to attract new recruits. 

Equipping your drivers with telematics will help them to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. Having the right equipment to assist them makes the work environment pleasant for your employees. In turn, a pleasant work environment helps to keep employees engaged and motivated. 

Here are some of the benefits of introducing driver-specific apps:

  • Near real-time GPS provides turn-by-turn directions and alerts. This helps drivers avoid traffic congestion and unsafe road conditions.
  • Drivers can capture signatures, job notes, and photos all while out in the field, making their job easier to complete.
  • Access to work order details is readily available.
  • Fleet managers can monitor their drivers without needing to micromanage them.

You Need a Solution to Encourage Increased Driver Safety

As well as keeping your drivers working efficiently and engaged in their work, it is also crucial to 

consider driver safety. Keeping your drivers safe is always a top priority. So, we know that finding new ways to increase driver safety is something that every business values. Telematics makes it possible for you to gamify safe driving behaviors in several crucial areas. 

Telematics allows you to see who is driving aggressively, who is exceeding speed thresholds, and who is using harsh braking while on the road. 

Having the ability to monitor driving behaviors allows you to introduce rewards and incentive schemes. Having the data readily available provides you with a valuable tool to reward your best drivers and encourage every team member to drive safely.

A telematics fleet management system offers a host of benefits for your trucking business that extend beyond those mentioned here. Are you looking for ways to keep your business operation running efficiently and ensure it stays a step ahead of the competition? If so, a telematics fleet management system will make this possible.

Are you ready to discover the benefits that a Vestige telematics system could offer your business? Request a demo today to see Vestige telematics in action.

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