Maintaining Control with a Trailer Tracking System

As the weather continues to get warmer and more consistent, job sites are opening up and the transportation industry is full steam ahead. For any company in the business of using trailers, whether it be to transport them across the country or to simply store something on a job site temporarily, it pays to know exactly where your trailer is at all times. 

In order to keep your trailer and what’s inside safe and intact, you need Vestige’s trailer tracking system to provide support for it. Whether you have one simple trailer or five hundred trailers traveling, Vestige can help you. 

Vestige’s trailer tracking system is different from the system they would put in the cab or driver’s portion of your fleet vehicle. They have a specific system that meets the needs of trailers and anything trailer-related. Instead of being wired into the battery of a vehicle, the trailer tracking system can be placed in the actual trailer so it can provide the most accurate real-time locational data. Since it doesn’t have to hook up to the battery, you can track the trailer at any time. 

No matter if you want to have timely updates to your trailer’s progress through its delivery route or if you are having to leave your trailer somewhere unfamiliar overnight, you will have the peace of mind and locational data you need with a trailer tracking system. In the event that it is stolen or lost, you can easily contact the police and show them the last known location as well as previous locations so that they have as much information as possible to get your property back to you. 

The trailer tracking system from Vestige does exactly what you need it to do when you need it done. You can even do a little bit of customizing to fit your exact needs, whether that be more systems or specific systems.

Every company needs a way to keep its trailers safe. Trailer tracking by Vestige is the best way to do that. Don’t lose track of your trailer and keep what’s inside safe by buying a dedicated system.

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