Prove Your Case Against Slammers and Scammers

When an accident occurs, it can lead to a roundtable of pointing blame and arguing faults, especially if there isn’t an officer to mediate the situation. Beyond the physical vehicle damage, there can be psychological damage, bodily injury, and financial issues.

For example, if one party doesn’t have insurance, that’s a problem. Or perhaps the insurance company refuses to believe your side of the story. There are a multitude of ways you can suffer from an accident, and you are guaranteed to suffer more if you happen to be in an accident with a slammer.

  • A slammer is a term for a person or a group of people that force you into an accident so that they can collect the insurance money from the wreck. This could be as simple as someone trying to break check you so you rear-end them. Or it could be as complicated as having a whole team set up fake accidents along the road or highway. The danger from these slammers is real and is a threat to every driver.

These slammers have been known to fake injuries, accidents, and car damage in order to siphon just a little bit of insurance money from your insurance company. Unless you have proof of how the accident occurred, you’re out of luck. Even if the insurance company does understand it wasn’t your fault, your rates could go up.

The best way to protect yourself against these slammers is to have a camera system installed in your personal cars and your company fleets. A multi-angle camera system from Vestige would allow you to prove, in both audio and video, that the accident was indeed caused by a slammer. Hopefully this will lead to the police arresting these scammers and your insurance company landing on your side of the fence. With a camera system that uploads in real time, saves footage to the cloud and gives access to you at all times, you should have no problem defending yourself.

It is vital that you and your fleet of vehicles are protected from slammers and scammers. These criminals could pop up anywhere at any time, and if you are properly prepared, they can’t cause you to be falsely blamed or accused. The last thing you need is a legal fight that involves your business, your car, your driver, and the law. Keep your company safe with a robust camera system from Vestige.

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