Vestige Voice: Customers Who Love Vestige’s Multi-Camera Solution

Weather Master Heating & Cooling is an HVAC company located in North Carolina. To protect their fleet of vehicles and improve their insurance, the company has the Vestige Multi-Camera Solution for each of their vehicles. After only 2 days of installations, one of the Weather Master trucks was involved in an accident that was caused by the other vehicle driver. Because all sides of the vehicle were covered by cameras, the company was exonerated of all blame.

Weather Master Heating & Cooling, North Carolina

Davis Towing is a towing and recovery company that decided to use vehicle cameras for insurance and claims purposes. The company also utilized the custom geofencing feature in order to keep tabs on when the drivers were coming and going from the lot. Originally, the drivers were angry that cameras were installed, feeling as if their managers were spying on them. But, the employees quickly realized the value of this solution to clear their drivers of blame in accidents. Nowadays, the drivers say they wouldn’t drive with them because the cameras, “…got them out of a lot of trouble with video evidence.”

Davis Towing



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