Vestige Voice: Altman’s Trucking LLC

Johnny Altman, the owner of Altman’s Trucking LLC, has high standards for protecting his company and employees. In the trucking industry, companies have to value their employees’ safety and the safety of the goods they are transporting. Altman’s Trucking has been the victim of multiple fraudulent claim attempts. Even when a claim is false, it … Read more

Vestige Voice: The Many Benefits of GPS Tracking

In the county of Surry, North Carolina, the government vehicle fleets are monitored with the Vestige fleet GPS tracking solution. This large fleet of county vehicles uses the Vestige technology to monitor for idle times to keep down fuel costs, and speeding alerts to reduce tickets. County of Surry, NC Partners Communication Services, Inc. is … Read more

Vestige Voice: Customers Who Love Vestige’s Multi-Camera Solution

Weather Master Heating & Cooling is an HVAC company located in North Carolina. To protect their fleet of vehicles and improve their insurance, the company has the Vestige Multi-Camera Solution for each of their vehicles. After only 2 days of installations, one of the Weather Master trucks was involved in an accident that was caused … Read more

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