Vestige Voice: A Fraudulent Claim Erased

Amy Hobbs, from Pinecrest Timber received a call one day that one of her logging trucks swerved into another vehicle causing an accident. “The driver of that vehicle was stating my truck was at fault and they wanted my company to repair the vehicle,” Amy said. She knew her drivers were very responsible on the road, so she couldn’t believe that any of them could be at fault for such an accident. Amy decided to seek the truth by reviewing the side angle of their Vestige Multi-Cam System that’s aboard each logging truck in the fleet. See for yourself who is at fault in the video below:



The video evidence doesn’t lie. The camera clearly shows the black SUV attempting to pass the Pinecrest Timber truck in the right lane–a lane that was quickly coming to an end. There is no evidence to suggest that Amy’s truck driver “swerved” as the SUV driver claimed initially. The person driving the SUV was at fault for the accident and the video footage made it obvious that the person was lying in order to receive free repairs from Pinecrest Timber.

Relieved, Amy stated that the Vestige Fleet Camera System “has already paid for itself. Before we had Vestige, we would have paid for the damages to avoid any insurance claim. Vestige saved us thousands of dollars on this one incident and exonerated my driver of any wrong doing.”

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