Vestige Voice: Side View Savior

Frank Myers, owner of Gasburg Timber uses the Vestige View Multi-Cam Solution for all logging trucks in their fleet. Frank knew the value of the 360º views that the camera angles provide, but this system was put to test in a recent collision caused by another driver. As you can see in the video below, the black SUV attempts to pass a Gasburg Timber semi in the right lane without enough time to merge before the lane ends. This mistake inevitably led to a collision with the side of the logging truck, an angle that regular dash cams can’t capture.



In response, Frank added that standard “dash cameras do not capture this angle, therefor would not have helped me in this situation. Vestige offers me the visibility I need around my trucks to operate safely, protect my drivers and my company from fraudulent claims.”

Luckily, Frank’s fleet of logging trucks is safer with the Vestige Multi-Cam Solution.

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