Vestige Voice: Certified Auto Mall

Mike Stahnten is the owner of Certified Auto Mall, a car dealership and towing company located in New Jersey. Each towing vehicle is outfitted with the Vestige Camera Solution to protect the fleet from fraudulent accident claims and enhance training.

In this video, the car accident involved other vehicles near the wrecker and the Camera Solution was there to capture it all, aiding the Police in their investigation.


Mike describes this incident by saying,

“My driver was sitting at a stop light and an accident occurred right in front of him! My driver reacted immediately to the scene and the Police were asking if there was footage of the accident on our Vestige cameras. I reached out to my guy at Vestige via text and he had the video clip below pulled for me within minutes. With my previous provider, I would have to wait for the wrecker to get back to the shop to get the video because an event didn’t happen. I could also never get anyone to respond to me when I needed from them. Not only was I able to get the footage I needed within minutes, but they responded to my text within seconds to address my needs. I am glad we made the switch to a company nimble enough to work with our specific requirements on camera location our rollback trucks. These guys at Vestige are top notch!”




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