Vestige Voice: SalSon Logistics

It was a usual workday for John Lampasona from SalSon Logistics until he received the news that one of their semi truck drivers was in an accident. The weather that day was foggy and rainy, not ideal for driving such a large vehicle, but John’s drivers are some of the safest and most reliable professionals in the transportation industry. When police arrived to the accident that day, they could clearly see that the front of the semi had collided with the driver’s side of a black SUV. The driver of the SUV told the police that SalSon’s driver had caused the accident and was to be responsible for damages. Unfortunately, the police believed the fictitious tale until they saw this video evidence which revealed a very different story.

As you can see, the driver of the black SUV was on the exit ramp, attempting to take a very dangerous U-turn into the opposite lane. The SUV cut across the path of an oncoming SalSon truck without checking to see if there was space for such a risky maneuver. Both vehicles sustained major damage, a cost that would be covered by the party at fault. Luckily, SalSon uses the Vestige View Dash Cam system to continuously record video of the road ahead. The smart camera system paid for itself that day by providing the truth behind an accident that would have cost SalSon tens of thousands in repairs and legal battles in court.

Relieved that their company was saved from a costly false claim to the police, John states that the officer “went back and ticketed the other vehicle which save[d] us litigation moving forward.” Because of the video evidence, yet another innocent truck driver was saved from false accusations.


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