Improving Worksite Safety for Oil and Gas Fleets with Technology

Workers for oil and gas companies face various hazards due to the environments and materials with which the industry operates. Extreme conditions and hazardous materials both create high levels of risk for workers, who may also often work alone on a regular basis. This makes it essential for oil and gas companies to be highly vigilant and do all that they can to mitigate the risks associated with the work that they do. Considering that there were almost 600 injuries reported by the oil and gas pipeline industry in 2020, every company needs to be aware of what they can do to prevent some of the most common incidents.

Although many accidents occur on-site, motor vehicles are the cause of more than half of work-related deaths in the industry. In addition to the tragic loss of life, affecting families and coworkers, a fatal collision is extremely expensive for employers when legal action is taken against them. The remote location of oil and gas sites exacerbates the situation when an accident occurs, delaying help and driving up costs.

Oil and gas companies can mitigate these risks and make their worksites safer with the right technology. Vestige delivers safety solutions to help improve workers’ safety in oil and gas fleets, with safety measures such as AI cameras and tracking, as well as employee safety devices. Ensuring workers in remote places are connected and monitored helps to prevent accidents and identify any situations as quickly as possible.

Improve Employee Practices

Motor vehicle incidents often arise from the behavior of drivers, including the actions they take when they are fatigued. Getting enough rest is often a struggle for oil and gas workers, especially with long working hours and driving long distances to get to their next destination. Tiredness can lead to distraction and many risky behaviors, creating more accidents.

Habits such as speeding or distracted driving can become more commonplace among drivers, whether due to tiredness or carelessness. One of the best ways to tackle this problem is by monitoring drivers using technology like Vestige’s AI-powered dashcams and real-time monitoring. Our technology detects and prevents dangerous behavior, such as following too closely, lane departure, and distracted driving. This allows employers to identify areas that require improvement and train their drivers in the right way. Even the presence of the camera encourages drivers to be safer on the road at all times.

Our Vestige Voices series shows how Vestige technology has helped our customers to improve the safety of their drivers. By offering improved visibility for companies like Gasburg Timber or SalSon Logistics, we can help businesses in all industries to be safer than ever. Our 360-degree AI camera system allows drivers to view the road from every angle, empowering them to drive more safely. Fleet managers also get to see footage from their trucks, enabling them to keep a close eye on both the behavior of their own drivers and events surrounding any incidents that might occur.

Cameras are also excellent for providing evidence after an accident, helping to exonerate drivers and prove who was at fault. This saves money and protects the reputation of the company.

Track Vehicles and Assets

Tracking vehicles and assets is another way to protect the safety of drivers working in the oil and gas industry. It enables companies to know where their vehicles are at all times and to determine when to take action, such as when a vehicle may not have moved for a long time. Vestige offers GPS tracking, which provides location updates and allows for locating vehicles in real time. Analytics provide information about driver behavior too, including how long vehicles are idling, speeding, and unauthorized use of fleets. Companies can additionally benefit from the tracking of tools and equipment that are being used or transported.

Keep Employees Safe

When an accident occurs or employees are in trouble, acting quickly is vital. Vestige offers employee safety devices, which are designed to help locate workers quickly when it matters most. Our PERSA tracking devices feature a panic button, clock-in and clock-out feature, and a long battery life to ensure they can be relied upon. Fleet managers benefit from real-time map locations and location history data and can create custom notifications, including geofencing alerts. The devices are highly wearable too, making it more likely that employees will remember and be happy to wear them when necessary.

The right technology can help to improve safety for oil and gas fleets everywhere. Vestige delivers multiple solutions that can deliver results for your company.

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