Benefits of Body Worn Cameras for Lone Workers

Lone workers are particularly vulnerable individuals because they work by themselves without direct or close supervision. Ensuring that lone workers can operate safely has been a major concern for businesses for many years as lone workers can be easy targets. As lone workers are likely to interact with members of the general public, they can be exposed to a variety of physical or verbal abuse. Body worn cameras can offer several advantages for lone workers, but what are these? 

They Are Not Discreet

One of the major benefits of having body cams is that they act as a deterrent, which has been noticed in retail settings. Rather than having a discreet piece of equipment on the person, body cams can be a great dissuader of physical or verbal abuse, and there is a body of evidence highlighting that people wearing body cams do not experience the same level of aggression as those without, which can provide reassurance to the individual wearing it. 

When working in a public setting, a front-facing camera can calm a situation and effectively force people to be on their best behavior. 

It Provides Evidence

One of the most beneficial reasons to wear a body cam is if an individual experiences physical or verbal abuse, the evidence is documented. For lone workers, employers can easily identify an individual that is physically or verbally abusing a member of staff. The footage provided by the body cams is all of the evidence needed to bring that perpetrator to justice, making it an ideal choice for individuals working in unstable environments and/or during off-peak times. 

For example, drivers working throughout the night do not have the same level of security because of the lack of daylight and no members of the public in the vicinity. For many front-line workers, wearing a body camera gives them peace of mind, but if the worst-case scenario occurs the footage provides a visual account of what has occurred. 

Body Cams Provide Accurate Evidence

An individual experiencing physical or verbal abuse without a body camera could potentially not give accurate evidence, which could be to their detriment. For example, an individual experiencing the attack may find it traumatizing to relive the events or they could be emotionally distressed during the time of the attack, resulting in potentially inaccurate evidence. Additionally, eyewitness accounts need to be verified, which is less likely in environments where lone workers are present. 

Therefore, body cams are incredibly efficient at delivering reliable and accurate evidence. Anybody wearing a bodycam with the footage collected can show this in a legal setting to represent what has occurred accurately, and because of the body of evidence that has captured the entire incident, this means a more reliable and robust legal process, bringing about a greater number of guilty pleas and a system where the worker can conduct their work without worrying that they or their evidence is misrepresented.

It Is an Effective Criminal Deterrent

The design of a body cam has greatly reduced the likelihood of criminal activities in environments with lone workers. For example, a study published in the journal Mental Health in Family Medicine highlighted how body cams were associated with a decrease in aggression and violence in reported incidents in medical settings. 

Because a body cam will deter members of the public from behaving aggressively, known as “the observer effect,” this has greatly reduced the number of anti-social incidents that do not just allow the worker to get on with their job but can feel more comfortable in potentially unsafe environments.

Body Cams Change How People Behave

The very simple fact that people are aware they are being filmed, combined with the reliability of the footage being captured, is an extra level of reassurance to any lone worker wearing a body cam. The importance of wearing a body cam with increased levels of antisocial or abusive and aggressive behavior is pivotal for lone workers. Body cams have been an excellent investment for businesses that are on the hunt for methods to help decrease the number of incidents while also increasing the well-being of their workers. 

If you are looking for a way to improve well-being, peace of mind, and productivity as a result, using Vestige View’s employee safety device could provide you and your workers with the extra security that is needed. 

If you want to learn more, get in contact with us and we can provide you with more information on the best solutions for your lone workers.

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