Government Fleets Protect their Organizations from False Claims

The last few years have been tough on all industries, mainly fleet-based ones. Events have shown that being prepared for every eventuality, being connected and being resilient are essential attributes, especially in government-based organizations. These institutions rely on their fleets to serve communities and carry out vital tasks for the public, who rely on them more than ever. 

A survey by Bobit Business Media found that government fleets have been addressing the challenges they face using GPS technology and telematics. The 2022 Fleet Technology Trends survey found that 65% of government fleets use GPS, and almost 85% of these said that the technology helps protect them from false allegations.

Protection against false claims is not the only benefit of using video in cabs and tracking tech; there are other advantages for drivers and customers, and we will look at some of these here. 

Increases in both return on investment and productivity 

62% of government fleets saw a positive return on investment (ROI) from their investment in GPS fleet tracking, and 32% of those fleets saw an ROI in less than a year.

When respondents were asked to describe the most significant impact of telematics technology on their operations, improved vehicle maintenance was the most important benefit. Specifically, 47% of government fleets reported that they could prioritize vehicle maintenance due to using telematics technology. This progress was made possible by the availability of alerts, diagnostics, and scheduling options for preventative maintenance.

Additionally, government fleets have discovered that employing GPS fleet tracking is essential to assist them in addressing other areas of concern,  including routing and customer service. Thanks to technology, routes can be planned, and vehicles deployed more efficiently, which in turn helps to improve customer service. Customers can be provided with tools such as live maps and route displays, so they know exactly where drivers are at any given time. 

The findings make it abundantly clear that GPS tracking can improve ROI and fleet management. Government fleet managers can now address their most pressing concerns regarding fleet operations and better protect their drivers’ thanks to intelligent dashboards, optimized routes, and reduced idling time.

The stats

  • 43% of respondents in the survey stated that GPS helps to plan the best routes and deploy vehicles in the most efficient way possible.
  • 43% also said that asset technology allows their drivers to be more productive.
  • 35% said that it helps to boost customer service.

Fleet safety and protection measures

The survey highlighted how government fleets rely on in-cab video telematics and asset tracking to promote driver safety and secure vehicle assets. These technologies are in addition to fleet tracking technology, which was also highlighted in the survey.

Using driver-facing and front-facing cameras, backed by artificial intelligence in video telematics, is reshaping fleets’ safety and efficiency. Businesses that operate vehicles can see how intelligent video can serve as an impartial witness, an unrivaled tool for driver training, and a treasure trove of data.

Government fleets must use the vehicles and assets they already possess, mainly because they must contend with competing factors such as decreased budgets and higher fuel and oil prices. Asset tracking solutions offer visibility into the how, when, and where of equipment and vehicle utilization.

Even now, the readiness, connectivity, and resiliency of government fleets will still be the most important factors determining their level of success. The technology of fleet tracking provides the tools that government fleet managers require to improve fleet operations and better deal with the essential requirements of the customers and communities that they serve.

The findings of the 2022 Fleet Technology Trends Survey make it abundantly clear that those government fleets that have already implemented telematics and asset-tracking solutions are already enjoying the benefits of having done so.

If you want to be one of the many organizations that benefit from fleet technology and asset tracking, contact us at Vestige today. We have a range of software for businesses, organizations and fleets of all shapes and sizes. Our specialists can talk you through the options available so that you can send your drivers off, knowing that not only will it help them to get the most out of their driving time, but protect them, the vehicle and your organization.

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