The Cost of False Insurance Claims and How to Prevent Accident Fraud

car accident upset man and woman insurance fraud fraud protection

For every company, safety is the first priority and creates a solid foundational environment for everything else to fit into nicely. Within the broad term of safety, we can talk about driver safety and passenger safety, but sometimes the general safety of the company itself is overlooked. Every safe company protects itself from false claims. … Read more

Multi-Camera Systems Cover All Angles of Commercial Transit Vehicles

Image of semi-truck with multicamera dash cams from Vestige View

Setting yourself apart from the rest of your industry can be done in a multitude of ways. Having the most up to date and advanced hardware is one sure-fire path to reach that next level. While one dash cam in a vehicle can do a good job, installing multiple cameras in your fleet vehicles is … Read more

How to Combat Driver-Facing Camera Push Back

Driver facing dash cameras are a tricky subject. Business owners know they can be a great benefit to the company, however they do not want to upset their drivers by invading their privacy. Here are some tips and tricks on how to combat driver-facing camera push back. Be transparent.Do not surprise your drivers. Let them … Read more

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