5 Benefits of GPS Tracking for your Construction Equipment

If your business has a fleet of construction vehicles, you have many moving parts. It can be difficult to track the location of all of your equipment, but it doesn’t have to be. Not when you install fleet GPS tracking equipment. You can even take your coverage to another level with tool and equipment tracking

Below, we list the five biggest reasons to use GPS fleet tracking and tool and equipment tracking to help you manage your fleet.

Construction Equipment Trackers Features

Tracking all of your heavy equipment, such as cranes, excavators, bulldozers, mixers, and backhoes is enough of a task. But when you add in your saws, power tools, tool boxes, outdoor machinery, seasonal machinery, and more, you can see how tracking all of your expensive heavy equipment and tools can feel like a full-time job. 

You already have enough on your plate. GPS tracking can help eliminate numerous hours wasted on tiresome manual data entry. Instead, focus your efforts on growing your business. 

Fleet GPS tracking keeps tabs on where all of your heavy and light machinery is located. This ensures everything is where it’s supposed to be, being used properly, and no tools get left behind (which can be incredibly expensive for your business).

GPS trackers for your machinery and tools are incredibly easy to install and manage online. Now, it’s time to take a look at the benefits.

5 Benefits of GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment

There are many benefits to GPS tracking beyond just knowing where your assets are located. Here are five more.

1. Increase Accountability

When you have GPS tracking on all of your heavy machinery, light machinery, and tools, you have oversight on all of your assets. Your employees will know this as well, meaning they’ll be held accountable should anything go missing. Accidents happen, but when patterns begin to emerge, you’ll know it might point to an unreliable team member. Increasing your employee accountability is a good way to build trust and ensure your assets are being safeguarded and properly used.

2. Reduce Theft and Loss

Heavy machinery is incredibly expensive. So are light machinery and tools. No matter what — this is your livelihood. You and your team need this equipment to be able to do your job properly. When a piece of machinery or tool goes missing, whether it was stolen or left behind on a site, it can be a huge loss for your bottom line. GPS tracking ensures you never lose a piece of equipment again. 

3. Increase Your Overall Efficiency

You know what machinery, equipment, and tools are needed for a given job. When you’re able to see that they’re all exactly where they’re supposed to be, you know your overall machine is running smoothly. When you can quickly locate all of your assets, you’ll be able to run a more efficient business. 

4. Gain Real-time Visibility of Your Assets

It’s especially easy to lose track of your equipment and tools if you aren’t even sure what’s currently in your inventory. And we get it — you acquire tools over the years and might not be sure exactly what all you have. But once you start tracking all of your assets, you’ll know your inventory at all times, but know just where they are and how often they’re being used. This helps you make better decisions on adding or subtracting from your equipment inventory.

5. Gain Peace of Mind

Above all, knowing where all of your valuable assets are at all times can help you rest easy at night. It bears repeating — your equipment is your livelihood. Taking care of your heavy machinery and tools ensures your business stays in business. 


Should you install GPS tracking for your fleet, equipment, and tools? Of course!

This is an easy way to protect your most valuable assets. Vestige offers fleet multi-cameras and GPS tracking so you can keep an eye on all of your heavy machinery. We can also help you keep track of all of your smaller assets with tool and equipment tracking

When your assets are regularly spread over many different job sites, your gear is going to be left unattended at times. Ensure it stays where it’s supposed to be with GPS tracking. 


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