Top 5 Benefits of Fleet AI Dash Cameras & Tracking

For generations, fleet managers were forced to hand over the keys to drivers and trust that everything is going to go well en route to their destination. Unfortunately, this sometimes is not the way things go. 

The good news is that modern technology allows you to monitor your fleet. How? With fleet AI cameras and tracking. Think of them as smart dashcams. 

Dashcams powered with AI can produce numerous benefits for your fleet, but for the sake of simplicity, we chose our top five. Let’s dig in and hit the road. 

1. Reduce Distracted Driving

Perhaps the biggest benefits of fleet AI cameras and tracking is to help reduce distracted driving. 

More distractions exist for today’s drivers than ever before, specifically in the form of tiny computers we call cell phones. These handy gadgets do everything — you can watch movies, play games, and yes, even text or make calls. 

We load them up with too many apps and have dings and whistle notifications going off all day. And when you hear one, you can’t help but check your phone. It’s Pavlovian! Add in driver fatigue from logging long hours and miles on the road, or even good old-fashioned eating while driving, and you’ve got a good recipe for trouble. 

The facts about distracted driving in the US are staggering:

  • 9 fatalities per day are caused by a distracted driver 
  • 1.6 million crashes per year occur due to cell phone usage
  • 40% of all accidents occur when texting or emailing

None of this is okay! But the presence of AI dash cameras can help your drivers stay focused on the road. Your fleet AI cameras with tracking can recognize distracted driving and changes in your driver’s behavior. They can then send alerts to the driver to focus and stay safe. 

2. Detect & Prevent Dangerous Driving Behaviors

Your dash cameras are armed with smart technology to help your drivers not only avoid distracted driving but also can detect and prevent other dangerous driving behaviors.

Your fleet AI cameras can:

  • If your driver is following another vehicle too closely
  • Send lane departure warnings if your driver is drifting out of his/her lane
  • Initiate a one-touch panic button in an emergency
  • Detect accidents and contact with other vehicles

This technology encourages safe driving and holds your drivers accountable for any erratic or unsafe driving. On the other hand, it also has your drivers’ backs and helps them realize they need to focus or take a break. The alerts promote safe driving — a benefit to your fleet as well as everyone else on the road. 

3. Save Your Company Money

When you reduce incidents, you save your company money. That’s pretty simple math, but the savings get even bigger as you dig deeper.

When you improve your driver training, education, and accountability, you’ll turn them into more efficient drivers, meaning you’ll even spend less on fuel and vehicle maintenance. You’ll also be able to prove liability in an accident thanks to the dash camera footage (all stored on the cloud) and even save on your insurance expenses. 

These smart camera solutions offer next-level savings for your fleet — the potential yearly savings FAR outweigh the one-time cost of installation. 

4. Optimize Your Routing

Another great way to save — when you optimize your driver routes, your goods get to their destinations faster, meaning less time on the road. This means you’ll save money on your driver hours as well as fuel, both of which can add up fast.

AI dash cameras can actually detect weather and road conditions and provide alternate routes to save time. Fleet managers can even connect with their drivers in real-time to suggest faster routes. 

Best of all — since your AI “learns,” it will remember these quicker routes and suggest them to drivers the next time they run that specific route. 

5. Protection When Accidents Occur

Large fleets are often the targets of settlements even when you aren’t at fault. Without AI dash cameras, you have no way to prove your liability. Even if your driver is found to be 10 percent negligent, you’re on the hook for 100 percent of the damages. 

Lucky for you, your AI dash cameras will record what happens if an incident should occur. You’ll know the lead-up to the incident, the accident itself, and what happened next. This footage can be used as evidence in a claim and often you’ll be able to determine who is really at fault.

This may be the difference that helps exonerate your drivers and save your fleet for huge damages fees. 


As you can see, fleet AI cameras and tracking can be a massive benefit to your fleet. They’ll reduce your insurance premiums and save your rear time and time again should incidents occur. Even better — they’ll help your drivers stay focused and safe, preventing accidents from ever happening. 

Schedule a demo with VestigeView today to see what fleet AI cameras and tracking can do for you. 

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