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If you are a carrier and you want to implement the right technology so you can stop your drivers from being distracted, then the first thing that you need to do is think about the features you need. You also need to think about what privacy settings you are looking for and what level of customizability you need. With so many options now available and the market expanding more and more by the day, it is now easier than ever to become overwhelmed by the sheer choice available.

Customizing Driving Tech for your Business

Good solutions should be able to detect a huge range of different driving behaviors. This could include someone turning their head away from the road or even detecting when a driver is feeling tired by monitoring the blink rate. Customization is important as it gives a buyer the chance to think about the needs of their fleet. Managers may well decide that not all behaviors are an indicator of distraction, and therefore they do not need to be recorded. If employers have privacy protection from the union or if they have to operate within a privacy law then being able to choose which behaviors are monitored is not only preferential but essential.

Dashcams are Revolutionizing the Industry

When you look at the general addition of AI, you will soon see that it has been a real game changer in the last few years. At one point you had to watch a video recording, and you had to watch the whole thing if you wanted to get a good idea of how an accident happened. Now, however, things have changed. You can log events and document habits such as hard braking and even texting too. This helps safety managers to coach bad habits like this before they translate into a much bigger accident on the road. If you look at the way things have changed, you will soon see that this is no longer the case. You can now buy AI-embedded dashcams and this can be a big indicator of your driving risk in general. You can stop and correct the behavior long before it happens.

The Power of AI

The use of AI in general has helped to save managers a lot of time and energy. They do not need to give a driver a survey unless there is an incident. This means that drivers do not always feel as though they are being watched. Of course, it is important to know that less than 1% of driving activity is uploaded and the driver is also warned before something is uploaded too. For example, if a driver who is in the middle of a very long drive happens to drift out of their lane, they can get a nudge from within their cab. This means that there is an element of self-coaching and it doesn’t even have to be recorded or uploaded to management. You can also configure nudges like this as well so you can save yourself and your company time by only dealing with drivers who are the highest risk.

Reducing Driver Distractions

If there is one concern that is often echoed by experts, is that tech to mitigate driving should not be a crutch, nor should it be a replacement for any kind of safety training. People still have to be educated on how to use technology properly and this is the best way to implement good and safe driving habits. Drivers have even crashed because they have not been given the right kind of training for their truck departure system for in-line driving. Drivers have said that when the wheel started vibrating, they panicked and then swerved off the road.  Things like this are entirely preventable if the driver is given a good amount of training beforehand.

So, there are many things that you have to take into account when it comes to driver safety, but driver distraction tech is one of the best investments you can make. It is a very powerful way for you to make sure you are keeping your team safe, and you would be surprised at how much of a difference it could make to your business as well as the welfare of your team.

Try Vestige

If you want fleet dashcam with GPS tracking, then one technology that is taking the world by storm is Vestige. Vestige gives you the chance to capture real-time GPS updates and alerts, not to mention you can also get a 360 view so you can always get the full story.

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