The Vestige Construction Equipment GPS Tracking – Benefits & Features

If you operate a business that uses construction equipment, you need to be keeping tabs on your heavy machinery. 

By using fleet multi-cameras and GPS tracking, you will not only know where your construction equipment is at all times, but you’ll also gain insights into your fleet’s operations. It’s really a no-brainer to install specialized GPS tracking on your heavy equipment, and you can even protect your tools as well. 

Benefits of GPS Construction Equipment Tracking

You might think it’s easy to keep tabs on heavy machinery, but if you have a large fleet that’s spread out on multiple jobs, it might not be so simple. GPS tracking allows you to know where your assets are at all times, which is especially important if they are ever left unattended. 

GPS tracking can go beyond just knowing where your assets are located. You’ll be able to monitor when and where your equipment is in use, which can be valuable if, for instance, your machinery is being used after hours in an unauthorized manner. 

With GPS tracking, you’ll have improved data to use to see which pieces of machinery are giving you the most bang for your back. Perhaps this will allow you to downsize a certain type of equipment or add to your fleet where it makes sense. The data will help you make smarter decisions and help you understand when and where your equipment is needed at all times.

You’ll also reduce theft as your equipment cannot be removed from a worksite without being noticed. Your GPS tracker will alert you if your equipment is being used in an unauthorized manner or is moving away from a worksite. 

When you add multi-cameras to the mix, you can literally tap into your vehicle cameras to see what’s going on at a job site or after hours. You can set up alerts to ping you if a vehicle is in use after hours or if it is outside of a certain geofenced area. Your cameras can also cover you in case an accident or incident ever occurs. 

Overall, fleet multi-cameras and GPS construction equipment tracking gives you peace of mind that your machinery is right where it’s supposed to be at all times.

GPS Construction Equipment Features

Without GPS fleet tracking, you can waste plenty of man hours trying to track down your fleet and using manual entry processes. But construction equipment trackers allow you to stop worrying about where your assets are and focus on growing your business. 

Your multi-cameras and GPS fleet tracking equipment can help you:

  • Protect your fleet when vehicles and machinery are left unattended at job sites
  • Optimize your route scheduling
  • Solve fleet management challenges
  • Track whether or not your drivers arrive on time at their destinations and jobs
  • See when and where your construction equipment is in use
  • Understand whether or not you need to purchase more assets or downsize
  • View fuel consumption, idle time, and battery level


Multi-cameras and GPS tracking give you a 360 degree view into your fleet’s operation. You’ll be able to see in real time where everything is and whether or not it’s right where it’s supposed to be. That’s an incredibly powerful tool to add to your toolkit and optimize your business.

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