Texting While Driving 2023

Despite being well aware of the many dangers associated with texting while driving, a shocking 39% of people still admitted to reading a text while behind the wheel. While the logic behind this decision – believing it will only take you a few seconds to scan a text – is understandable in theory, in reality, anything that takes your attention away from the road is dangerous.

A study published in the Journal of Transportation Safety and Security found that looking away from your phone for just two seconds can increase your risk of being involved in an accident up to 24 times. 

Texting While Driving: The Facts.

To be fully aware of the risks of texting while driving, it’s essential that you are aware of the severity – and frequency – of issues that arise from a simple, instant message.

Frightening Driving & Texting Statistics. 

  • 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving. (Edgar Snyder)
  • Cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes every year. (Ridester) 
  • Texting while driving has the same effect on your reaction time as if consuming four beers in a single hour. (BankRate)

Some studies show that certain drivers are more likely than others to text behind the wheel. For example, a CDC report found that 39% of high school students who drove in the past 30 days texted or emailed while driving on at least one of those days.”

However, many drivers admit to these dangerous behaviors, even those whose jobs require them to get behind the wheel. As such, fleet managers should also ensure they remind their team of proper driving practices and safety protocols. 

How many accidents are caused by these behaviors? 

According to the CDC’s Distracted Driving Index

  • In the US, over 3,100 people were killed, and about 424,000 were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver in 2019.
  • Nine people in the United States are killed every day in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver.

What are the laws on texting and driving? 

While driving regulations change from state to state, texting while driving is illegal in 48 states. 24 of these states also prohibit using your handheld device for any reason when on the road – such as answering calls. 

What happens if you are caught texting and driving?

If you are caught texting and driving without getting involved in an accident, your punishment can vary from state to state. In most cases, however, you could face the following:

  • A significant fine.
  • A suspended license.
  • An increase in car insurance fees.

If your reckless behavior results in an accident, you could face a prison sentence – especially if you have caused death/injury to others. 

Final Thoughts

As such, it’s clear that we all have a personal responsibility to ensure that we do not answer texts while behind the wheel. After all, not only is doing so jeopardizing your own safety and putting your business at risk but jeopardizes the safety of other motorists and pedestrians too. 

If you manage fleet vehicles, ensure that these facts and figures are shared with drivers – encouraging them to be more mindful on the roads. However, you should also take additional safety protocols, such as dashcams.

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