Prepare Your Fleet for Hurricane Season

As another Atlantic hurricane season approaches, it’s important to ensure your fleet is protected from the devastating effects of these storms. This brief article will discuss some tips and tricks that you can use to protect your fleet from being damaged in a hurricane.

How to Prepare Your Fleet of Vehicles for Hurricane Season

The best way to prepare your fleet of vehicles for hurricane season is to take care of the basics. This includes checking tire pressure, checking fluid levels, and more. Before you begin, check the local weather forecast and ensure that you have enough fuel in each vehicle so you can evacuate if necessary.

If any maintenance needs to be done on your vehicles before hurricane season hits, make sure those repairs are completed by a certified mechanic who can ensure that all systems are up to date; this way, your vehicles should be ready for whatever comes their way this year!

Focus on Fuel

When you’re preparing your fleet for Hurricane Florence and other natural disasters, make sure that you have enough fuel on hand to last through the duration of the storm. If possible, plan to refuel your vehicles and emergency generators before a hurricane hits. This will help ensure that there’s enough fuel available when it comes time for your employees to get back to work after the storm has ended.

You should also make sure that each employee has a list of local gas stations with nearby locations so they know where they can go in case there aren’t any open ones near their homes or businesses when needed most during an evacuation period; this ensures everyone knows where to find some fuel if necessary without wasting valuable time trying different stations. 

Have an Emergency Plan

The best way to prepare for a hurricane is to have an emergency plan. This will help ensure that your employees, customers, vehicles, and company are prepared for any situation that may arise during or after a storm. 

Employees should have an evacuation plan in place with other staff members and their families or friends who live nearby. If possible, they should try not to drive during the storm because traffic conditions are likely going to be difficult at best. Also, make sure all employees’ cell phones are fully charged so they can contact each other if needed.

Protect Your Assets

As the storm approaches, it is important that you take steps to protect your fleet from damage. You may be required to evacuate your vehicles, so make sure you have a plan in case this happens. Below are some tips for protecting your assets during a hurricane:

  • Protect your fleet from damage by covering each of your vehicles with tarps or otherwise moving them indoors before the storm hits. 
  • Protect your fleet from theft by taking the keys and any valuables out of the vehicles and securing all of the doors with locks or chains.
  • If you plan on leaving the vehicle unattended, try to pull into a parking garage where there will be more protection against vandalism than would otherwise be available outside.

Remember, by preparing for all of the possible problems in advance, you will be able to protect your fleet and your assets during even the worst hurricane weather.



If you have a fleet of vehicles, it’s important to be prepared for hurricane season. You need to make sure that your staff is trained on the proper procedures and that they know what to do if a storm hits. It’s also crucial that you have a plan in place so your business can continue operations as normal during this period of time. We hope these tips will help you prepare your fleet for hurricane season.


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