Next-Gen Body Cameras

Our durable and reliable Body Camera technology is built to provide your organization with high resolution footage in an all-in-one, cloud-based video management system.

We've Got Your Back

There are conflicting stories with every incident and interaction. But with MyView, our professional body camera solution, quality audio and video tell the real story to protect your people and your organization.

Full Shift
Battery Life

Durable &

Secure Vault


Live Stream

On the Frontline

Law Enforcement

In an emergency event, details can be hard to remember, especially for officers and bystanders. That’s why a reliable and effective camera solution is essential to the police force in order to see the truth in every situation. With Vestige, you can keep your community and your law enforcement safe with our compact body cam that won’t crack under pressure. 

Safety First

Security Personnel

Private security guards, bouncers, and event staff face a variety of barriers in their work. Many must check IDs, search bags, run metal detectors, and sometimes remove a troublesome guest or shoplifter from a store. With our body cameras, security can feel more secure knowing that every action is recorded and saved to the cloud so there’s no room for debate.

Proof of Service

Service Industry Workers

For those who provide lone services like pest control, plumbing, electrical, and landscaping, customers and managers often want proof that the service was done, and done right. Luckily, the Vestige Body Cameras can provide a full view of services performed that prove their job was completed properly, leaving no room for question.

Protecting The Public

Public Transit

Public transit workers and others in the driving and delivery sector can face harassment in their line of work. However, when someone knows they are being recorded, their behavior is often more polite. That’s why Vestige Body Cams are here to keep these essential workers protected in a potentially harmful scenario.

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