Passio & Vestige Combined Enhances Passenger Safety

The dangers of using public transit today are real and the situation is only getting worse. It is not uncommon for violent crimes to occur in public transport vehicles. Some reports suggest that violent crimes have risen by as much as 25% while crimes, in general, have increased by 25%. This includes crimes on bus stops, rail platforms, and buses. Across the country, many public transit authorities are struggling with these increases in crime and exploring ways to ensure that transit passenger safety standards are at the right level. 

This has led to public transit authorities spending millions on pilot programs designed to test ways to protect passengers and improve the situation. Solutions range from an increased police presence to empowering drivers and other staff members to take action. 

However, the best option is to use the right technology and software. By combining technology available from Passio & Vestige authorities can ensure that passengers remain safe and fully protected in transit. 

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How Can Passio & Vestige Be Used To Protect Passengers

Passio and Vestige utilize the latest technology to ensure that environments such as public transit vehicles can remain safe and secure. This includes options such as Passio Vision which provides real-time monitoring of drivers, and passengers, collecting the necessary data so that organizations can make the right adjustments and improvements. Using Passio Vision, it is possible to ensure that all vehicles are monitored and guarantee that drivers are handling their vehicles in a safe way. All the video footage is sent directly to the cloud so that it can be assessed for key evidence. 

As well as this, Vestige provides AI cam solutions and GPS tracking. Personal safety cameras for transit team members and employee safety monitoring. Using this technology, it is possible to provide a comprehensive safety structure for drivers and passengers on public transit vehicles. Solutions like this can ensure that teams are alerted immediately if an employee or passenger is in danger. Advanced camera systems can also help provide a more comprehensive view of the vehicle itself as well as the surrounding road environment. This helps to reduce issues with accidents while real-time updates can alert authorities if a vehicle has been at a stop for too long or if it is off-route. 

Benefits Of Using The Passio & Vestige Solutions For Public Transit Vehicles 

There are numerous benefits that public transit authorities can gain by combining the technology available from Passio & Vestige.

Safer Driving Standards

Studies suggest that monitoring drivers improves driving standards and behavior. Drivers are more likely to take care on the road and ensure that they are not taking risks when it comes to controlling their vehicles. As such, by using camera solutions and monitoring systems available from Passio & Vestige, it is possible to reduce the chance of an accident or collision on the road. Of course, the same cameras can also be used to protect drivers that have been accused of dangerous or poor driving and who were working to the right standards. Overall, accidents may be reduced by more than 50%, leading to a significant reduction in costs. 

Take Immediate Action In The Event Of Crimes 

Passio & Vestige empower drivers to take immediate action if a crime occurs on a public transit vehicle. The driver will have the technology available to silently alert authorities when a crime is taking place, increasing the likelihood that it can be prevented and the right action will be taken. Footage from cameras can also help to determine who was responsible for the incident and provide evidence as to why a crime happened, who was involved and how it occurred. The same footage can also be used to prevent future incidents from occurring by tackling issues such as blind spots. 

Deter Criminals 

Similar to how advanced camera systems can help to improve driver behavior, monitoring systems can also impact passenger behavior too. Combining Passion & Vestige solutions can act as a deterrent for people who are considering committing a crime on a public transit vehicle, protecting criminals. These systems can alert passengers that they are being monitored, ensuring that a violent or dangerous criminal incident is less likely. 

It’s clear that the key to improved transit passenger safety is the utilization of the right technology. Leading edge solutions from Passion & Vestige together can help ensure a safe environment for transit passengers while also providing team members with the tools they need to keep their vehicles safe. 

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