How Dash Cameras Cut Costs for Transit Agencies

Transit agencies face many unpredictable expenses, but one area where they can save significantly is through the use of dash cameras. New York City Comptroller Brad Lander’s annual claims report revealed a 14% increase in claims against the city for reckless driving by employees in fiscal year 2023. These claims cost taxpayers a staggering $180 million in payouts for vehicle crashes involving city workers.


Benefits of Dash Cameras

Internal Monitoring for Enhanced Safety: Dash cameras provide real-time views inside vehicles, ensuring a secure environment for passengers. In emergencies, this footage is invaluable for swift responses, reassuring passengers and their families.

External Monitoring for Safer Driving: By capturing traffic conditions and driver behavior, dash cameras promote safer driving practices and help resolve disputes on the road.

Driver Training and Improvement: Dash cameras serve as valuable tools for driver training, identifying areas for improvement and reinforcing safe driving habits.

Incident Investigation and Liability Protection: In accidents or disputes, dash cam footage provides an objective record, aiding in determining fault and ensuring fair resolutions.

Enhancing Overall Service Quality: Dash cameras provide a comprehensive view of transportation experiences, allowing providers to refine service quality and build trust with clients.


Safety Reinvented with Dash Cameras

Dash cameras are revolutionizing safety and service quality in transportation. Their ability to provide internal and external monitoring, support driver training, aid in incident investigation, and enhance overall service quality is reshaping the industry.


How Vestige Fleet Cameras and GPS Tracking Help

Vestige Fleet’s multi-cameras and GPS tracking offer powerful video telematics that make fleet management efficient and protect against false claims. The HD multi-camera setup captures clear views and offers 4G LTE remote livestream capabilities for real-time monitoring. With up to eight cameras per vehicle, you get a 360-degree view, recording everything from all sides.

GPS tracking provides real-time vehicle location, ensuring drivers take the best routes and minimizing idling, speeding, and unauthorized vehicle use.

Dash cameras are not just a cost-saving measure; they’re a proactive investment in safety and service excellence. Implementing dash cameras can lead to significant savings for transit agencies while improving overall operations and passenger experience.

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