Fleet & Safety Solutions

We believe in solutions that promote safety and peace of mind.

This comes standard with every Vestige product, allowing you to focus resources in other areas. Take your people and fleet to the next level with Vestige.

Fleet AI Dash Cams & GPS Tracking

Fleet GPS relays timely location updates and customized alerts. Capture a 360-degree view with our premium camera solutions and get the full story today.

MyView - Body Worn Cameras

Protect your frontline workers with professional body cams that are fully cloud-based, Live Stream enabled, waterproof, and have full shift battery life.

Tool & Equipment Tracking

Monitor every trailer and non-powered asset on the job. Get alerts when one of your assets is left on location.

Ping On-Demand & Asset Tracking

Track and monitor trailers and other assets like shipping containers and generators. View historical locations and real-time GPS data.

Employee Safety Monitoring

Monitor employees that are alone on the job to ensure their safety. Get alerts and emergency dispatch when someone is in danger.

Partner Solutions

Faster Asset Solution


Fleet maintenance tracking and commercial telematics ensure each asset is fully serviced for optimized operations.


Transit Passenger Software

Passengers of any transit service can have the power of rider data at their fingertips.

EcoLane Evolution

Transit Scheduling Software

Improve operational efficiency and optimize scheduling with EcoLane’s real-time software platform.

MJM Innovations

Mobility Managed Services & Fare Collection

Smart GPS routing software is used to calculate rider fares with an easy-to-use collection portal.


Non-Emergency Medical Transit Software

Ensure rider safety and enhance NEMT efficiency with this software solution.


Transportation Management

Platform that manages, tracks, and optimizes transportation services and fleets.

Vestige Benefits


Faster data and media uploads from anywhere using 4G LTE.

Cloud Storage

Store up to 90 days of media files in the cloud.

Custom Alerts

Create notifications for geofences, vehicle accidents, and more.

24/7 Sync

Know everything about your fleet at any time of day.

US-Based Support

Friendly, local support team for one-on-one support.

2021 Whitepaper

Fleets Save Money with Smart Camera Solutions

Read more about how commercial vehicle cameras can help fleets save money by proving liability in an accident, improving training and driver education, and even saving on insurance expenses.

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"When the sedan driver tried to file a lawsuit, we had the accident footage to prove that it was their fault, saving our company thousands in costs."

"A car hit the side of our truck and the driver filed suit claiming we caused the accident. We used footage from the side camera for proof and won the case!"

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