Connected Video for Fleet Surveillance and Monitoring

Vestige View Dash Cameras
Automatic mobile phone alerts for dash cam system

Automatic video uploads and alerts for shock, accident & driver panic button alerts

Dash Camera Driver Monitoring System

Monitor unsafe or inneffective driving behavior

Web-based and Internet connected Dash Cam system

Web-based video search

Realtime dash cam streaming feature

Live video streaming

Instant drive camera footage upload

Cloud-based video portal

LTE Dash cam upload

Fast LTE wireless connection

3 to 8


Driver Dash Cam View
Front Facing Fleet Dash Camera View
Side View Dash Camera for Fleets

Vestige View provides event based video with immediate event uploads and alerts for greater fleet activity visibility. When an incident happens, it gives you the situational awareness and video evidence you need to protect your business from liability claims.

From helping exonerate your fleet in accidents, to fighting exaggerated or fraudulent claims, to identifying and eliminating bad driver behavior, Vestige View gives you the tools to protect and improve your fleet operations.

Vestige View DMP Software Dash Cam Solutions

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